The Democrats have reared their ugly heads in overdrive during this election…

It is no secret the Liberals have always fought dirty to infiltrate our government. Some legendary cheats include John F. Kennedy’s election where his father, Joe Kennedy, lobbied the Mafia to help his son. While he was successful, many still think that connection put him in peril due to his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy declaring war on organized crime not long before his assassination. Urban legend as it is, this story still continues to circulate throughout the ‘conspiracy theory’ world.

Looking back at 2008 and 2012’s election cycles, many precincts across America complained of having more votes than voters in various districts, particularly Democrat-heavy areas – places like Cleveland, Boston and Philadelphia. Furthermore, in these areas there was widespread reports of voter intimidation by the Black Panthers and busing in voters from outside the district. With Obama’s win, nothing was done about these vast reports as they went largely ignored by Holder’s Department of Justice. Electors casted their votes for Obama without so much as a whimper about the voter injustice that occurred.

So why now?

It’s rather interesting watching Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox Business this afternoon when he interviewed Christine Pelosi – the California elector spearheading this whole Russia hacking meme. While he asked very truth-driven questions, she continued to skirt key issues, which leaves much to suspect about the real motive of this elector ruse going on at this time.

For example, he addressed the CIA’s misinformation in issues like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq back in 2003, where many Democrats later scoffed at the reporting when no weapons were not found. He asked her how the Russian hacking report would not be compromised while others were questioned with great scrutiny.

In response, Pelosi flew into a litany of excuses and made accusations that Cavuto was lying, thus, causing her to possibly receive ‘more death threats.’ How did he lie? Many remember the whole WMD situation and how the Agency was seen as giving misinformation to Americans and Congress to justify the call for war. This is not a lie, it’s historical fact and his question is germane to the relevancy of these Russian accusations circulating now.

As of now, it is reported by Pelosi (as reliable as this can be) that over forty electors are demanding a intelligence briefing before casting their votes on December 19th. Being that most electors are non-cleared individuals, the report would likely be so redacted they will have less information about the situation than before. Therefore, any so-called briefing is minutia and a waste a of time. Yet, she swears this is pertinent to the election integrity.

Selective Outrage

Are we talking about the same election integrity that found in Detroit 37% of the precincts discovered Clinton votes were counted multiple times? Guess Jill Stein’s recount plea gave more intel to people than we thought it would; however, it wasn’t the result she, Soros or Clinton was looking to gain. Additionally, Pelosi didn’t address this situation at all in the interview. We can only assume at this point, this elector revolt is a ploy to accomplish a couple of other initiatives rather than their ‘talking points.’

First, they are attempting to repeat the 2000 election melee between Bush and Gore by marginalizing Trump’s presidency – making people question his victory’s legitimacy. Second, not being able to come to grips with their loss, they’re acting out some national tantrum filled with sour grapes and sore losing fits. Third, setting up a precedent where if you don’t like election results, just blame other countries for your losses instead of owning your own mistakes.

Not the most valor initiatives but they seem to lack the insight to accept Hillary Clinton’s shortcomings due to 1) cheating to win the primary, 2) dishonesty with voters about her email server, 3) pay to play antics within the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State and a New York Senator, 4) not showing up for important situations like the Louisiana flood, 5) being generally out of touch with Middle America and 6) not having any real message other than “Trump is a (fill in blank with any bad adjective you can find)…”

In essence, Clinton was a deeply flawed candidate that should not have been their nominee in the first place. Too many skeletons came out through Wikileaks but the DNC forgets, not only was Bill Clinton impeached for perjury, a lot of people lived through and know their legacy.

Knowing many Democrats in my own family who didn’t vote for Clinton, opting for Trump, was proof enough for me that Hillary Clinton was going to suffer greatly during this election. I didn’t need any Pew Polls or Real Clear Politics memes to see the writing on the wall the Clinton campaign flat out ignored. No one heeded the puff pieces in the Washington Post or New York Times because, as Sheriff Clarke so eloquently framed it, “they are merely DNC newsletters…” not real sources for news anymore.

When he complained, they told him to quit whining…

Throughout the campaigning, Trump insisted the ‘system is rigged‘ but all the Liberals piled on, including Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, vilifying him a racist, inciting Jim Crow. They ridiculed his attempts to point out our faulty election system which is often skewed to Democrats via illegal aliens and dead people on voter rolls that have never been purged. This is not new news to most engaged and informed voters that his assessments are absolutely true with ample evidence to back up his claims beyond any reasonable doubt.

The real deal is this: Trump worked hard, campaigning where most Republicans dare to tread and did multiple events per day leading up to November 8th. Conversely, Clinton took naps and hobnobbed with the rich and famous. The Trump campaign worked relentlessly despite all the malfeasance thrown at them from every direction and it paid off. Most of all, he dared to be the commoner, who never held an elected office, to run for the highest office in America and actually had the audacity to WIN!

Yet, as per hysterical denying Democrats, it’s the Russians who afforded him his victory! 

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