Deafness Runs Rampant Amongst Democrats

All morning, all I’ve heard Democrats say is Donald Trump doesn’t have a message. He also hasn’t made any clear ideas about what he’s going to do for Americans.

I sit in disbelief, thinking, “Are all Democrats just plain deaf or do they really think voters are just that stupid?”

For the last week, in EVERY speech, Trump has done nothing but tell Americans at rallies and on the airwaves about his plans for the future.  He’s been talking about the bloody wall since June 2015. Yet, Democrats love to spin, spin and spin. Why? Because it’s their candidate, Hillary Clinton, that has no message.

Donald Trump on the campaign trail

She has no plans, no message. Now she and her cronies boast, once again, about some Right Wing Conspiracy because, God forbid anyone hold ‘her’ accountable for the crimes she’s committed of her own volition. Once again, Clinton relies on her fall-back garbage that’s no more true now than it was back in the 90s when she invented this nonsense. The fact is, Clintons are corrupt to their very core of existence.

No amount of trying to dummy down Americans by utilizing pithy bumper-sticker sayings and robotic tweets is going to make that fact go away. She along with her left wing buddies are just kidding themselves. The optics are clearly not on their side.

Clinton can barely fill a bathroom at a McDonald’s while Trump is filling arenas with thousands outside, waiting to enter. Over the last month, he’s talked to over 130,000 people in rallies while Clinton has only spoken to around 14,500. He’s been doing one to three events almost daily while she’s been hiding out ‘resting’ between very few engagements – that is, other than partying fundraisers with Cher and Justin Timberlake (after Leonardo DiCaprio backed out on her.) He’s even made himself (and his family) available to a seemingly hostile press.

So with all this, whose really getting their message out?

The Clintons

Democrats have reached the point where they’re beyond a mental condition. They’re in full throttle denial about their seriously flawed candidate. Even during the primaries, the voting turn out for the DNC was much lower than in 2008. This shows low energy. Low engagement. The media is working their tushes off like 42nd Street Hookers but they can’t seem to generate any heat for their gal pal. So what gives?

Honestly, I have many family members who are registered, lifelong Democrats but they’re all voting for Trump because of one thing: They don’t like Hillary Clinton and believe she is dishonest and corrupt.

Responsibility has never been a partner with the likes of Hillary. She never takes responsibility for any of her crimes, she merely spews garbage and hopes it subverts people’s attentions away from her. Yet, her laundry list of criminality is so vast it makes Charlie Manson jealous of her ability to skirt the law as long as she has. Three decades of lying, cheating, smearing, coercing, colluding, stealing, accepting bribes, selling off America like a New York City chop shop has been her list of so-called accomplishments in public service. Boss Tweed would also be jealous as she’s made Tammany Hall look like Romper Room. She’s done everything to get herself incarcerated and perhaps, the FBI and Director James Comey should grant her Christmas wish .

Both Clintons have flagrant flaunted their criminality and even went so far as to lie to the FBI about Colin Powell as well as telling everyone the Clinton Foundation will stop taking bribes if she becomes president. Kind of like Nancy Pelosi saying you had to pass the Affordable Healthcare Act in order to see what’s in it moment. White noise and nothing more!

Hillary Clinton needs to be held criminally and civilly accountable along with Bill and Chelsea Clinton for the quid pro quo games they’ve been playing for a long time.

jessica-taylorAs a believer in our system of jurisprudence, while it has it’s flaws, letting a criminal with such an illustrious crime list like Clinton’s is simply inconceivable. Remember, Martha Stewart was incarcerated for lying to the FBI, let’s hope Comey gets his old chops back and revisits those morals to do the same to Mrs. Clinton.

Seemingly deaf and out of touch with the world around them, while Democrat strategists like Jessica Tarlov think they’re fooling Americans with their continual Trump bashing, in fact, they’re proving themselves to be most irrelevant.

Now I ask, just how much did Hillary Clinton pay for these people to sell their souls?

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