DC GAMES: Are They Really Looking Out for Our Safety?

A pertinent question to ask yourself is this: While Washington plays reindeer games, are they looking out for our safety? If these people within the National Intelligence is playing politics against President Trump, are they looking for the people who wish to harm us? Seems like their takedown initiatives are so time consuming, it’s a pretty good guess that they’re not.

Look at what playing politics has done to other countries around the world? Germany is in total upheaval with violent refugees. France has had many events where violence has killed people while politicians bicker over the refugees and European Union. The danger is everywhere yet our politicians are too worried about their own power brokering to worry about us, the little people.

If they cared about our safety, they’d stop playing games and start using their expertise to bust people who want to harm us.

Isn’t the whole purpose of our government is to protect and serve Americans. That’s why they’re called public servants. Therefore, why are they tapping calls and leaking it to the media? Does this make any sense to the average adult who is just trying to irk out a living and keep a roof over their head.

This last election, voters sent a clear referendum to DC that we were tired of all this balderdash. We are tired of these ‘games’ and are done with the political mudfest. The fact is, we want us to be to be the front and center. Our protection! We don’t care that they don’t like President Trump. We don’t care if they don’t like working for him. In fact, like us, if they don’t like their boss – look for another job.

It’s appalling that, with the world in such upheaval and our economy in shambles as a result of the Obama Administration’s gross incompetence or design, the DC political elites continue to play spy games on all things Trump instead of doing their jobs! While we saw the constructiveness of leaks through the situation with the DNC’s big cheat along with Clinton’s criminal behavior, sometimes – enough is enough.

This only goes to continue this divided natured of our country and further galvanizes the polar opposites. This probably is part of the design in this new age of leaking. However, this is a question worth exploring: are these leaks legal. If we go off their upset over Assange and Snowden, then the answer would be, no they’re not legal; therefore, the leakers are committing a crime.

It’s clear they continue to leak information to the disgraced news outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post, but like in the last article, we must consider the why the leak is occurring and weigh that heavily into its credibility. These leakers have no interest in doing their jobs or national security. The why is just as important as the information itself and we must be smart about looking at this if we are to uphold our Constitutional duty as citizens.

The Founding Fathers knew that power corrupts – a reality that’s validated time and again throughout World History; America is no different. In our own history, we’ve seen many presidents and leaders become corrupted and drunk on this sense of unfettered power. And we must remember our Capitol is the nexus of corruption and power – no different than any other power center throughout the globe. Therefore, instead of being bogged down in their game, citizens must look at facts as best we can obtain them and discern their relevancy.

Another thing we must remember is the DC elites are pretty angry with the American public that voted for Donald Trump. They are outraged that we didn’t pick ‘their favor’ contestant. They are offended that we obviously no longer trust their power-play system of deceit and now, they’re getting even – not just on the President but us!  They are playing big zero sum games at our expense and on our dime.

Is this really acceptable?

Is this really just a lashing out because we didn’t follow through and vote like good little boys and girls are supposed to?  Furthermore, it’s a sad day when we realize the Left and Neocons hate the Trump Administration and us more than they hate the Russians. Don’t you think the rest of the world including those who wish to destroy us are measuring this and sizing it up to use to their advantage? You can bet your life they are. And the media is laughing all the way to bank in the process.

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