Could the WH Be the Next Leaks?

img_3922Last Friday, we had the pleasure of being targets of multiple cyber attacks. While the Clinton’s campaign claim it was the big, bad Russians and others have said it was hackers trying to make a point about the silencing of WikiLeak founder, Julian Assange; here’s an interesting thought to entertain:

Could it be from our own people within the government causing these attacks?

They have made it no secret they wish for WikiLeaks to quit revealing the dark, seedy side of the Democratic Party. They are in a twist over the many revelations they reveal and people like Donna Brazile and David Goodfriend are beside themselves, trying to discredit the organization. With the Thursday dump, there were about eight Obama emails leaked in their own separate category. Could they be the next to fall in front of the public’s eyes?

With the exposure of Bob Creamer and his Alinsky-esque Chicago Machine politics, extorting and exerting violence against the public in order to demonize Donald Trump, wouldn’t it make sense the emails between Creamer and Obama be of great interest to the American Public – not to mention very damaging? It would also go to prove that our own president conspired to work against the very people he was sworn to represent. This would be an impeachable crime without doubt.

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One insider has confirmed the abvoementioned communications are coming along with other discoveries about the Clinton Crime Wave. Given the numerous times Creamer and Obama met one on one (40+ times) it only stands to reason their email interchanges will possibly contain explosive written documentation of collusion between them in the violence touted in the James O’Keefe’s videos released last week.

In these videos the MSM doesn’t want people to see, we learn directly from Creamer and his flunky, Scott Foval that paid violence against American citizens attending Trump Rallies was actually paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign directly. Hence, they were not merely people upset about Trump or racism, the were paid to be there and incite violence at all costs. The next video (Video III) is slated for release tomorrow (10/24) of this shocking series!

Isn’t it time we ask ourselves, besides the obvious embarrassment and disclosure of Clinton’s wrongdoing, wouldn’t it serve these leaks also betray the wrongdoings of many in the DC elite class? Perhaps it’s time we reflect on this as it is an affront on every American regardless of party that our representatives would abuse us in this way for their own personal gain at our expense.

Granted these leaks also reveal the fact that the Corrupt Media has been grossly negligent in their duty to keep us informed and expose these wrongdoings rather than be complicit in their the plans of execution. This basically brings down the whole myth that our representatives and the Media are here to serve the people instead of themselves.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see as time will tell, but we know the Media certainly won’t scoop this nor will they report on it once revealed! However, should this be the case, we the people need to stop accepting this business as usual and start thinking bigger for our future as well as our children’s futures.

Dare to be informed!

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Video II


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