Could CNN be putting itself in legal jeopardy?

CNN, owned by Time Warner, has put itself in a political and possibly now legal hotbed due to their continual fixation on President Trump and his administration with the latest dust-up over a meme tweeted out last week. This time, though, they are doing things that could very well mean the end of the First Amendment cover for which they claim every time anyone questions their fake news tactics.

In the meme, Trump wrestles a CNN person, created by a 15 year old. Now, there is much talk about CNN blackmailing this teenager to apologize, allegedly threatening him with doxing him in the public forum – revealing his identity, if he doesn’t apologize to the failing network for his mem. Sorry, CNN, but there is a problem with blackmailing as its a crime to coerce anyone – even an adult. However, minors are protected from public scrutiny – unless they are official charged of crimes as adults.

Therefore, the question here is: Is CNN actually committing a crime?

First, defamation is a hard row to hoe legally. The burden of proof is extraneously difficult – and the ‘injured party’ must prove beyond any doubt damages have occurred. Hence, CNN would have to prove their ratings have dropped solely because of this 15 year old’s meme, which, given their fake news past and illegal complicity with the DNC during the last election cycle, would be highly unlikely. Their ratings have dropped because people don’t trust them anymore. It’s really that simple. And no amount of memes is going to further the damage the network has already done to itself with their obsessive negative coverage of Donald Trump before and during his presidency.

Second, the fact they are blackmailing a minor (which is a double whammy criminal offense) the put themselves in more peril. You can’t threaten kids. Its really that simple, too. You cannot even print their names unless as stated above, they are charged as adults. Therefore, the whole blackmail issue could be pursued by the law (FBI and FCC) due to the criminality involved. Words come to mind beside coercion – like extortion, bullying, cyber stalking – to name a few.

This is not a good track for CNN to take as thousands of Twitter people have launched their #CNNBlackmail campaign. Most adults find the failing network’s actions appalling and only amplifies the upset over its decline since it was discovered last summer they were conspiring (another crime) with the DNC to help Hillary Clinton cheat to get the Democrat nomination. Thus, they aided and abetted the DNC’s horrific scam to oust Bernie Sanders during the primary cycle.

CNN, as said above, has been it’s worst enemy when it comes to ratings as their railing against Trump morning, noon and night with fake news has literally buried them into obscurity.

Jim Acosta’s performances at White House press briefings has also put several nails in their proverbial coffin, as his truculence is not lost on people watching (or listening) to his rants and irreverence towards WH spokespersons and the President. His rudeness and condescension has furthered people’s negative opinions that have grown over the last couple years. In the following clip, Acosta accosts WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer about the cameras being turned off during briefings.

Then, who can forget Van Jones and his “White Lash” comment on Election Night in 2016? Along with the Russian dressing nothingburger, CNN’s penchant for fakery has landed them in very skeptical waters and severely damaged, if not, ruined their brand. Therefore, threatening 15 year old kids is just another step towards their oblivion, which demonstrates their true character as schoolyard bullies.

Last week, James O’Keefe from Project Veritas revealed the CNN’s Russian dressing thing to be a farce by their own anchors’ words, as well as one of their producers calling American voters ‘Stupid.’ This doesn’t go over very well with Joe-Blow-America and has further revealed the network for the purveyor of fake news even further.

What is truly amazing about this whole bit is the fact CNN’s legal team has allowed them to take this course. Are they really looking out for their client (or employer)? Most lawyers would strongly dissuade any client from this type of bullish activity, but it seems their legal team (department) has gone MIA. There is so many things wrong with this picture ethically, morally, legally and civilly, it’s hard to believe their bank of lawyers would not be warning them or outright refusing to defend should some actions on behalf of the child in question or other entities occur.

Since when has it become acceptable in any circle to treat kids like this? Who knows but apparently CNN is leading the charge. Not a particularly strong stance to take given everything emanated above.

Will CNN survive this latest attack? At this point, we honestly don’t know – but it does put them leaps and bounds down the road to bankruptcy as detractors have no circulated a partial sponsor list of their biggest advertisers. No doubt, the reasoning is for people to begin complaining to them in an attempt to damage the network’s financial flow. And it has worked many times before during the last year – so, CNN should brace itself to also lose said advertisers when push comes to shove.

Additionally, Twitter people have now created a multitude of CNN memes which have now flooded the time lines all over the world. They’ve done this due to the failing network’s threat they reveal anyone who does negative memes about them – and this provides a type of Mexican standoff of sorts

As for the White House situation, it is a wonder why the press corp hasn’t removed the network from the briefing room given their overt animosity towards the WH press staff and anyone in the administration. In reality, it’s not like CNN is actually reporting news – in fact, to a large extent, they’re just making things up from thin air, so why should they be allowed to cover the daily briefings when there’s no point to it? The WH would be better off giving their seat(s) to journalists who really want to report on the WH news instead of those wishing to disrupt the briefings with a circus of pontification and divisiveness?

The world would not come to an end should CNN be outed from the WH Press Corp, that’s a given.

Incidentally, the real news with CNN is their absolute lack of coverage with regards to North Korea. Their top stories are their supposed upset over a 15 year old and Trump hate/bashing articles. Their NK story is a sidebar. Let’s just forget the fact this puts the entire world in peril, CNN has a children and presidents to go after over silly memes.

It’s a safe bet, with everything above in play, CNN has lost it’s ability to hide behind 1A and moved into a propaganda bully pulpit for which they will pay dearly — and most likely legally!

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