Cotton Trumps Russian Dressing Ruse

We only get Senate one hero per hearing it seems… it just wasn’t Opie’s day like last Thursday!

In the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Republican Senator Tom Cotton illustrated the Liberal lunacy with this Russian Fairy Stories in his tongue and cheek questioning. In the most eloquent, straight-face manner, he exposed the witch hunt going on by his Democrat (and some Republican) colleagues on the committee.

The following is the infamous video of Cotton’s call out.

As we know, Cotton is no stranger to being scrappy with his Democrat counterpoint. Remember his snarky remark to Chuck Schumer (D) back during the Gorsuch confirmation hearings? He’s swiftly making a name for himself, separating him from the GOPe and Democrats alike on the Hill.

Sadly, while he was the star last week – with the best line – in the Committee’s hearing with former FBI Director James Comey, Senator Marco Rubio (R) questions fell flat and exposed his Never Trump ties, even though if it weren’t for the President, he wouldn’t be inhabiting that seat today! Remember, he had given up his seat to run in the presidential primary in 2015/2016, and was late to get into the running to retain his senatorial seat; however, with Donald Trump’s endorsement, he was able to prevail – in spite of disgracefully losing Florida to Trump in the primary.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it talk about Committees in the Senate or House. Why? Because, ultimately, committees are not their real job. They’re fluff and public posturing.

How do we know this? When was the last time you saw any of these big public hearings result in any actions on behalf of either legislative body? Did it happen with the IRS? Benghazi? Fast n’ Furious? Clinton’s Email Server Criminal Investigation? Just what did these oversight ‘committees’ really do besides sit there, pompously asking questions, which while rendering some bombshells, yielded nothing else.

Yes, it’s intriguing watching a seasoned prosecutor like Trey Gowdy cross-examine his witness, but come on… where does it go? In reality, nowhere. Therefore, they’re nothing more than a huge was of time and your taxpayer money.

Isn’t it time for this Russian Dressing Ruse be
put to rest, once and for all?

Just think to yourselves, my fellow Americans, every minute they conduct hearings chasing rainbows and Easter bunnies takes away time for concentrating on your real concerns and the reason why Trump won in the first place. Let me remind you the real dealmakers:


Not doing the people’s business is a sin considering the Senate and Congress are elected to protect our interest and serve our needs in DC. They aren’t doing their job; therefore, they’re not only letting President Trump down; they’re letting us all down!

In all honesty, both the GOPe and Democrats should be very concerned about 2018 and what it means for them because people are getting to their breaking point where heads will roll… rest assured!

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