Constant Chaos: Fake News Media & Pundits have another Sky Falling Moment!

Let’s face it, we all know from The Apprentice Shows¬†and history, Donald Trump is not an easy boss. He works at a breakneck pace and doesn’t take any hostages. He expects his staff to produce results and not make any veiled excuses when they fail. Fail too much in his view, then you’re not the right man or woman for the job! But is this chaos? No. It’s called being an efficient manager and knowing when it’s time to cut bait.

The press is making much to do about the changes last week within the White House staff. Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus are no longer with the staff and Anthony Scaramucci and General John Kelly have moved into their positions respectively. Now, the media is all about the ‘chaos’ along with political pundits like Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer. They’re all in a dander and having times over these changes as if the whole sky was falling – a sky that’s fallen many times since November 8th but never seems to proffer the destruction of Trump predicted by the secret Never Trump crowd that still exists on both sides of the aisle.

Yes, even some Conservatives scrutinize every move the President makes and dissects them with acid tongues and talk of damnation. They seem to be in cahoots with the Democrats who seek to take down our elected President without any regard to the way the People view their President and his agenda. Yesterday’s traitors – Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and John McCain – also a few on the Hill who also seek to bring down the President (and our) focus and shared agenda for political points.

It’s rather disgusting if you think about the fact these malcontents would rather destroy the United States of America and everything she stands for simply because they don’t like the person we chose to head the helm for the next four to eight years. Too bad. That’s what we call a democratic republic. It’s in this type of government that People make the deciding factor – and if they don’t like this, they’re welcome to go a country more suited to their belief systems.

Back to the changes in the White House. As many of you have known for quite some time, there has been leaking issues – mostly from Obama holdovers but also Never Trumpers who wormed their way in by giving a false sense of security and allegiance to the President during the ending months of his campaign.

To be honest, many have always been skeptical about Priebus’s motives – because during the Primaries and General Election, he was flatly on the side of his bosom buddy, BFF Paul Ryan (R) whom we all know is a self-proclaimed Never Trumper. Even now, he makes no bones about his proclivities towards President Trump and has said directly he won’t defend our chosen representative.

Ryan and to an extent Priebus were very dismayed when Trump ended up winning the nomination and then election – even though this gave the Republicans a huge win – probably the biggest since Ronald Reagan. Their disappointment, mostly on Ryan’s lot, has not been a secret and at every turn, he’s tried to thwart any and every initiative put forth by Trump and adamantly supported those who wish to take him down. Example is Ryan’s insane remarks about Robert Mueller – a man who is doing a seek and destroy mission against Trump and his family where there is no criminality or impropriety.

Therefore, surely this morning as a new sun comes over the horizon, Ryan is further disgruntled because he no longer has moles running around the White House, reporting back every upset no matter how small. His little buddy Reince is no longer the weasel du jour and now he’s left with finding another person who will spill the goods.

President Trump is much more astute than many have given him credit – and this is by no accident on his part to let them believe such a thing. He’s always been a fan of the Art of War – and he realizes his enemies are more than not in the Swamp we call Capitol Hill. He is well aware his presence is Americans little F-U to DC and that we want him to Drain that Swamp as quickly as possible. Rats running scared, all the Democrats and Never Trumpers are acting true to form – and eventually, it all breaks out and they’re exposed for what they are… White House members included.


This is not a time to be a narc or a leak in the WH because now, the Trump loyalists are hyper-vigilant about finding them and exacting justice. We’ve heard that Reince had a ‘loose lip’ issue for months but now, the proof is in the pudding.

As reported yesterday on Fox Business, Reince actually has known for two weeks the end was near and turned in his secret resignation on Thursday afternoon. It is no accident or faux pas that Scaramucci would become so vocal about Priebus and the possibility of him leaking when the former’s financial information was ‘leaked’ to the press. Perhaps this was Priebus’s swan song leak but it certainly provided valid reasons for the public why he was removed from his position.

The new Chief of Staff, Kelly, will be a much needed addition to the West Wing because he’s known for his no-nonsense attack on issues. Look at what he’s done with the Department of Homeland Security in his short tenure. He’s already been to the new Wall’s proposed area to survey how things will get done and been very diligent in his efforts. However, also notice, he works instead of primes for the press at every turn. He’s not out there making press conference hay about not being removed from office like some others we’ve seen lately – and the reason being is he doesn’t get ‘bad’ tweets from the President. The reason being is because he does his job! (Which incidentally has now landed him an even better gig.)


Spicer probably sees his termination as a relief given the daily beatings he took from the White House Press Corp who treated him horribly the entire time he was the Press Secretary. They were vicious and to be frank, the whole daily briefing became a kindergarten scene instead of a professional press conference. Have noticed since new Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has started doing more briefings, the press keeps themselves in check a bit more than they did with Spicer because Sanders doesn’t mince words.

In summing up, this is not the chaos Ed Rollins, who called Trump stupid the other day on Lou Dobbs, would love for you to believe. Our man Trump is doing what he does best – find and use only the best people for the right positions. Not being some glitzy political insider, many people are willing to give him a bigger learning curve because of his outside(ness) and are not as harsh to criticize his moves towards building a winning White House staff.

Most people who voted for Donald Trump and put him in the White House have faith in his ability to seek out and get top talent doing the business of the People. Therefore, most aren’t concerned or shocked or bombshelled by these movements within the staff. In fact, we all expected changes out of the gate because we knew about Priebus’s Never Trump underlining and his buddy Spicer’s alliance with him. We aren’t as blind as the press and talking heads would love for us to be. Plus, they miss the key ingredient, “We Trust the President.”

Honest, much to the press and pundit talking head class surprise, many supporters who’ve been paying attention knew these changes were inevitable – it was only a matter of time. In fact, many Trump supporters have been calling for Priebus to be replaced since the announcement was made that he was being tapped as Chief of Staff. That just shows you how unsophisticated the press and political talking heads really are these days!

So folks, just ignore the screaming queens in the press and the talking head class… if they really were all that good at being president, they would be president instead of a talking head on the idiot box.

The only chaos we really see is the Media and Pundits scrambling with their decoder rings to understand a President they will never get in a million years! Why? Because he’s one of us – and they’ve never understood the American people. If they did, they would’ve never predicted a Hillary Clinton win even for a single second!

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