What a night we’ve had…what an election.

Donald J. Trump and Vice President elect, Mike Pence, have had quite a journey and we’ve been with them pretty much every step of the way. It’s not been easy…not even by any stretch of the imagination.

To most of my readers, as you know I’ve been silent over the past couple days because I was just waiting to see how all this would shake out. Have to admit, I felt a collective sigh of relief when Pennsylvania delivered the final 20 electoral votes to push him over the 270 mark by 4. Just amazing to witness this history-making moment in our history. Many Founding Fathers are shining down on us now, knowing that we chose to preserve our Constitution rather than fall into a world of Spirit Cooking and God only knows what…

Yes, this is the first president in many, many decades (perhaps since our Founding Fathers) whom wasn’t groomed his whole life for Politics. He is a regular guy – albeit a billionaire – but an everyday Joe who mare a life-altering decision because of his love for America and now is the President Elect. And everyone except for a very few thought he could even get through the primaries…

We watched Donald J. Trump rise from the escalator to the speech where he accepted our vote of approval to move to our White House, vowing to work with and for us! Now, he works for us (for free) to fix our country and put us all back on a path of greatness, self-belief and unity!

Later on today, I will fill everyone in on the other races – but it’s both the House and Senate are still Republican run as well as the White House. We expect great things from them all now and hope they will work with Trump in his plans to make our country prosperous again!

Lessons learned in this election should be there: Never underestimate the silent majority, Middle Class Americans. Why? Because we’re the ones, to quote George Bailey, “…who do all the living, working, buying and dying” in this country. Our voices need to be heard and our desires need to be paramount as we should be the only special interest to our representatives in DC.

Tonight/this morning, everything changed. He listened and focused his message as it evolved before our eyes. He listened to our needs, came into our neighborhoods and saw what all Americans have to deal with in order to survive in such a stagnate, inert economy with no real good job growth and prospects for a more desirable future. We’ve been stuck in quicksand for far too long.

For those Trump supporters that joined the fold as time wore on, got to see the Mainstream Media’s lies about our man Trump – but he won every over – one rally at a time. He worked hard, not napping or refusing press conferences for over 200+ days. He showed that he cares about us and our lives – now, we give him our futures to help build this country together – as one Nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Congratulations to Donald J. Trump, Mike Pence and their fearless, relentless crew… We look forward to working with you every minute going forward to truly Make America Great Again.

Now it’s time, to get to work…not a moment to spare!

— Thornton


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