#ComeytheWeasel Screws #FBIAgents & America AGAIN!

If ever there was a divorce, this will make his divorce from the Democrats look like child’s play…

img_3469There is no way in hell the FBI had enough time to look over 650K emails when it took them a year to go over 55K and all it’s contents so to say this was a snap crack of garbage is a severe understatement. So be it, We’re already working on #DrainingTheSwamp he might as well be added to the list.

So, fellow patriots, I say, screw him and let’s move forward. We have an election to win on Tuesday so reptiles like Comey can quit squatting in our government, wasting our time, energy and money their nonsense.

Comey is a weasel! We’ve known that since July and for a brief week we thought he had found God or had a Come to Jesus. Looks as though that’s not the case.

I fully support any of the good FBI Agent who push Comey aside and walk off the job, signature not needed. They have my thanks and support for everything they tried to do to bring Hillary Clinton to justice but the traitor failed them – and us.

It’s time we get these kinds of traitors out of DC and the only way to do it is US! We can’t depend on cogs in a corrupt wheel to do our heavy lifting for us. We need to get off our butts, get to those polls and vote Donald Trump into our highest office – then he, with OUR HELP, can drain the swamp, once and for all! This means all of them Democrats and Republicans alike. Because let’s face it, now that we know what she is, who wants a pedophile perving up the WH any more than her predatory husband did in the Nineties.

img_3467None of the key players have changed – nor the game for that matter. It’s time to help Dr. Steve Piecynzik and all the GOOD Intelligence community complete what they started to do – it’s time to get people like Comey out of DC.

Thank you, Big Jim, you just reminded us we have an election to win to get rodents and weasels out of DC.

Here’s some takeaways from this:

  • We need to have FBI Directors who have worked their way through the FBI ranks because they know what the hell they’re doing! and,
  • We need to have FBI Directors who have served in some form of the Military. Peeps like Comey don’t have what military teaches all… He has no Core, No Integrity. No Honor. No Code. And most of all, No love of this Country! Mandatory time served in Military in some capacity – even military school instills this belief system!

PS: If you remember, even in my positive articles of late, I still told you all I didn’t trust the Weasel. Remember………… Guess now, I know why. Hope the Congressional and Senate Oversight Committees haven’t¬†stopped their investigation into Comey’s ties with Clinton through the Clinton Foundation. I’m sure this week-long BS fest will spur them on even harder to find out just what this weasel has to hide!

For the time being, he’s not worth our time, energy or thoughts! Like I said, we have an election to win

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