Comey’s Prepared Statements: The Script for Tomorrow’s Big Play!

Okay, kids, think about those words “Prepared Statement” and what images does this conjure in your minds?

Setting the lies straight before going before the Senate? Making sure nothing counters anything told to Mueller? If you’re telling the truth, why prepare a statement in advance? Why send it out to the press? Why have anything written down at all except for some bullet points.

What is this, the Gettysburg address?

Is he delivering a speech at some college for commencement? No, he’s testifying at a hearing so why would he need to prepare anything? People who tell the truth don’t need to be coached or a prepared speech.

Second, today this is sent to the press after President Trump announces the nominee for the new FBI Director position, Christopher A. Wray. Basically, raining on James Comey’s day at the big dance; dethroning him as prom queen by snatching that crown off his head. Could this be the reason all the sudden these papers miraculously make an appearance? I thought he was going to make it a big surprise so we had a really “big shooo.”

Is he releasing them so Sen. Mark Warner (D) won’t be “disappointed” again like he was today with DNI Coates and Rogers? Is there a punchline somewhere that’s supposed to make us forget about all the tax dollars wasted on this insane circus.

And we’re supposed to believe anything Comey says at this point, why? How many hours of lies have we sat through in July, September, October, March and May? How much more tom foolery to do we have to endure of the clown circus before DC gets down to what really matters to most Americans today? You remember from my last article:

Jobs. Healthcare. Tax Reform. Border Wall.

Starring James B. Comey

This DC fodder is bordering the brink of utter insanity and we’re all here to witness the big meltdown.

Don’t you think it’s time we voted in some quality to people to represent us in DC? The midterms are coming up and usually that’s a change over but I propose we find some good, solid GOP citizens – regular schmoes not professional politicians – who have business experience and a sense of duty to the country – to run challenge the incumbents.

The DC elites have made it loud and clear what matters to us is not terminated FBI Directors who weren’t doing their jobs and Russian dressing hearings. We’ve heard loud and clear their inability to take what we need as a country seriously, so why have them there?

Is it time for new blood in DC? Is time for fresh ideas and people who will work with President Trump to manifest the agenda WE voted for? Are you tired of this dog & pony spectacle?

Get your popcorn ready, folks… and it wouldn’t hurt if you have a six-pack or two near by for good measure. The tragic comedy is about to begin.

The Script

Download and print it out so you can follow along, mouthing every word with Comey as he sings his swan song before fading into obscurity or, God willing, prison.

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