Comey’s Big Day

Well, now that James Comey’s public testimony has concluded (for the time being) we can see the idiocy behind the psychopathic mind. It’s safe to asset, Comey’s brain is indeed ¬†complex labyrinth, filled with misconception or deception.

First, a refresher in why Comey was fired from his position is within the paperwork below that you can read and download. He was not fired for the Russian Investigation at all. Instead, he was let go because he had politicized the FBI with the Clinton E-mail Investigation (among others like the IRS) and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein did not see him as able to rectify the situation due to his own refusal to admit his error.

Second, I find it most troubling when asked if an FBI agent was aware that a crime had been committed if he/she had a duty to report it, Comey said he did not know. He went on to say that he was unaware of any such statute. Really? Are we expected to believe that FBI agents aware of criminal behavior aren’t required by law or duty to report it? This was one of the most insane parts of his testimony – not only for an FBI Director, former Assistant Attorney General and prosecutor but also for a lawyer!

Third, Comey overtly admits he pretty much targeted President Trump in his diary spree, stating he didn’t do memos after meetings with Obama, Bush or any of the Attorney Generals or officials in the past. Once again, politicizing. He targeted Trump but no one else, even though we know from Guilty as Sin, he was summoned to the White House by Obama many times to discuss the Clinton E-mail Investigation and was being pressured to abandon it.

Additionally, Comey had the audacity to accuse the President as ‘possibly lying’ when asked why he only did memorandums for his interactions with him. Such brazen talk coming from a man who has done nothing but lie to Congress, the Senate and the American people about many issues in addition to this one. It is one of the reasons why it was best course for him to be terminated and one can only hope that his career has ended in every sector, including law.

Four, most interesting observation came from Sen. Marco Rubio (R) when he made the comment he thought it strange that the only thing not leaked about the whole situation was the fact that three times, Comey assured Trump he was not under investigation for anything!

Fifth, Comey admitted that after Trump’s tweet about ‘tapes’ he gave his memorandums to an outside person, a law professor friend at Columbia University, to read and ‘leak’ to the media. Now, if memory serves me correctly, any document generated about government service while serving in the government becomes property of the American people. Therefore, did Comey admit to committing a crime here? Is this any different than what Hillary Clinton did when she was Secretary of State, conferring with one of her pals who was not in the government? This was a very interesting development but hardly one that got the Democrats the impeachment grounds they’re fishing for in these hearings.

Also, it’s not uncommon for FBI Directors to meet alone with Presidents in private settings. J. Edgar Hoover met with Lyndon Johnson on at least one occasion while Johnson was on the bathroom throne. Historically, this has happened with most administrations since the creation of all these sub-departments within the executive branch. To say there was any impropriety present surely isn’t aware of our own history. Perhaps they’re banking that you don’t know that history either.

Incidentally, President Trump remained mute throughout the hearing. We’re awaiting word from his attorney as of this time.

Review the paperwork from James Comey’s termination and you will see his assertion of victimhood is non-existent. It was his own doing and his action since the Clinton E-mail investigation only solidified the belief as to why he was no longer effectual in the position.

The Documents

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