Comey: Swamp Draining Isn’t Always Pretty

It came rather unceremoniously and without any Hollywood climax. The plot has unfolded on us for months but while we believed President Trump would end his tenure upon taking office in January, former FBI Director James Comey was kept on, in spite of many from both sides calling for his resignation. By all accounts, on the rare moments we witnessed any interaction between him and the President, it seemed there was a distant, yet jovial facade; however, through some clandestine tweets yesterday from the President, we could see some cracks in the china. We just didn’t think it would crumble quite this fast.

I remember the July 5th press conference as if it were yesterday. The searing indictment of Hillary Clinton and her mishandling of top secret information on her home-brewed server in a basement bathroom. It was laid out as any expert prosecutor would, underlining certain facts that seemed like finally the Clintons would be brought to task for one of many illegal capers they’ve committed since coming onto the national scene. However, the end result was astounding and most unexpected.

Apparently, from Deputy Rod Rosenstein’s assessment, he, too, was confounded by the end resolve and found it in poor taste in more ways than one. Hence, why he issued the recommendation for the former director’s immediate removal from his post. He was not alone as other former Attorney Generals from both sides of the political spectrum weighed in with their opinions on the situation. It was comforting to see I was not alone in my astonishment and dismay at Comey’s audacious behavior.

Of course, now, the Democrats belly ache because their ever-evaporating Russian story continues to lose wind due to the sheer ridiculousness of it all. James Clapper even admitted yet once again during the Yates Hearings that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the election; yet, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) continues to beat his tomahawks with no evidence to back up his mouth.

In some ways, Comey also led them to believe there was some smoke with his “Putin hated Clinton” intent speech during hearings; however, I found it ironic that he couldn’t find intent with Clinton – a person who did everything short of a full verbal confession – in the way of showing her intent, yet he knew the intent of a man on the other side of the globe. Seems awfully precarious and just too far fetched to be believable – especially given the events of yesterday’s breaking developments. I guess we’ll see in the weeks ahead what develops or falls apart but it’s safe to say, Comey will no longer be providing gargoyle service for the Clintons; all the immunity and backroom deals are officially off the table.

Comey has learned the hard way any entanglements with the Clintons always comes back on the other while they are free to continue their lawbreaking activities; flaunting their criminality for the world to see. Perhaps next FBI Director will not be as lenient and will finally bring them to justice – even if it’s only for a couple things out of many they’ve done against the country along their rise (and fall). Time will play itself out as it always does, without fail.

It’s a shame Comey flamed his whole career for moments which most would’ve regretted the second they happened but he proved himself to be an ideologue who was marred in some political game rather than just doing his job for us. Our rule of law should have been his first priority, not riding some fence between Right and Left.

As many of you know, before this Clinton situation, I thought the world of James Comey so it’s sad to see a former ‘hero’ fail but he failed himself more than anyone else. Hope he’s learned from this experience but who knows. He thought a month or two ago, he was infallible and assured us he would be around for another 6-1/2 years and yet, those 6-1/2 years all of the sudden, got a whole lot shorter, didn’t they?

While I’m  relieved for our jurisprudence and the country I can’t help but be a bit sad for him (and his family) because he’ll have to live with this humiliation for the rest of his life. Now, he will find out what true character is as it’s always defined by how one handles the down times in life.

For me, it was like when I saw Nixon board the helicopter as he left the White House for the last time. It’s never a pure joy to watch once great men fall from grace. This time was no exception.

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