COMEY: Should he be investigated for his admissions during Hearing?

Today, James Comey admitted to purposefully letting friends leak information within his memorandums of conversations with President Trump to the press. Furthermore, he discussed these interactions, which are privileged and confidential, with others as well. Hence, a violation of criminal statutes relating to Espionage Act and FOIA.

In his testimony, he spoke about his leaking activities as if he was above the law; different than other Americans – even different than Reality Winner, the 25-year-old NSA leaker who was just arrested last weekend for leaking classified intel to the Intercept. What makes Comey feel he’s different from Winner? Just because he is the former FBI Director, what he did makes him no different. Well, with the exception of motive. With Winner, she thought she was protecting her beliefs – with Comey, it was all about covering his own ass.

We all thought he’d throw someone under the bus today before the hearing even began. In fact, we were all betting on it; however, the question was whom would be blood on the pavement. Former AG Loretta Lynch looks like the biggest lynched Obama Administration today along with his slams towards the Washington Post and New York Times, whom by Comey’s assessment were reporting Fake News. (As if we didn’t already know this.)

Additionally, in regards to his leaks, he claimed they were in response to Donald Trump’s tweet about tapes; however, the leaked information was written in an article the day before the tweet occurred. Hence, this proved Comey perjured himself within his sworn testimony before the Committee – another indictable crime which cause former President Bill Clinton to be impeached.

Comey may be proud of his testimony as any psychopath who sees nothing they do as wrong but the rest of the country is now waking up to the reality of President Trump, once again, being right. Let’s hope the Department of Justice will do their job with due diligence. No one should be too big to fail.

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