Comey Lies About FBI Disarray

For those who read our review of Guilty as Sin by former DNC insider, Edward Klein, you know all the issues with the FBI Agents after former director James Comey’s audaciously atrocious press conference on July 5, 2016 regarding Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Server investigation.

Many reports within the book and other sources verified the Agents were stridently divided due to the division in opinions regarding his actions. There were over 200 resignations on his desk, waiting for his signature for agents who sought to move on due to their staunch protest over an unjust conclusion to their work and efforts. Even if they did continue to work with him, often they refused to speak when Comey would address them; expressing their disrespect for his handling of the case.

To this day, it is not known whether he signed those resignations; however other stories have surfaced about the day of his presser. It has been reported that many agents threw food at the televisions in the Bureau offices when they watched Comey’s ill-fated July press conference and some left right after its conclusion and did not to return for a couple weeks.

On the internet, particularly the message board Reddit, some took to the anonymous source to air their grievances against the director and told followers tidbits and clues as much as they could.

After the situation with the server was concluded [sic], word began circulating about investigations into the Clinton Foundation that promised to be a bigger fish than the server situation. At this point, it was even reported through places like DC Caller the FBI went into lockdown mode, where all agents were subject to random polygraphs to avoid leaking (how ironic after yesterday’s hearings) and many were afraid to even continue on Reddit.

Coined as his Untouchables, supposedly Comey was directly overseeing this force de jour on the several Clinton Foundation investigations which sprang up in New York City, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, DC and Little Rock. While now no one is talking as to whether those investigations are still ongoing, no word has ever confirmed them to be closed. Now that Comey has been removed from the Bureau, perhaps now they can be conducted without his inference and coercion.

In Klein’s book, he states a bit about Comey’s peculiar personality that might explain some of his agent not feeling all warm and fuzzy for him. He relayed from Comey’s friends that he could be painfully biting towards people, hurting their feelings and seeming to take pleasure in their injury by his tongue. Couple this with his methodical vindictive set-up of President Trump through writing memos of his interactions with him, long before his termination are indicative traits of an atypical psychopath, which also encompasses pathological lying and an acute narcissistic personality.

Hence, Comey’s crying foul regarding Trump or his surrogates saying he was unpopular with the [FBI] Department was completely feigned because he knew he was the one who ‘ate alone at the lunch table’.

Once again, President Trump was right. Maybe all of us should start listening to him more and muting all the scuttlebutt going on around us aka the Media and Liberal shrills!

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