COMEY: If you were him, would you testify?

After being fired from his job as FBI Director, Comey has been working hard to keep himself relevant, even though his relevancy actually left the building in July 2016 after his press conference where he laid out a prosecutorial argument to lock Hillary Clinton up for the rest of her natural life, but then added the infamous ‘but’ heard around the world.

All of the sudden, after a week of unemployment, a mysterious memo surfaces that supposedly he wrote to himself after a meeting with President Trump, was ‘leaked’ where he states the President asked him to stop investigating General Michael Flynn.

Really? Fascinating talk considering Flynn had been cleared by the FBI of wrongdoing the week before the meeting occurred. Therefore, why would President Trump even make such a request? Okay.

And anyone who is familiar with Trump’s way of phrasing things, did the quote we heard really match the way he speaks in general? Absolutely not.

Note: Don’t understand why more people haven’t questioned the origin or real date of it’s creation because anyone can write a memo to themselves after being fired, stating anything they want. A child could easily understand the concept but our liberal media has never stopped to ponder whether this memo was really just a way of Comey to get even – as a disgruntled ex-employee. It was a red warning light in my mind from the first mention but, then again, I’m not a liberal so I don’t get my head around a lot of the foolishness I’ve seen them pull over the two years.

Yet, after this big memo made the airwaves – which no one has actually seen – but leaked through some unknown source, the DC sect has been hot to trot to get Comey in front of them. Now that he’s agreed to meet with them, he’s issued email statements about what he will and won’t answer. (Rich…isn’t it?)

Yes, he claims as a ‘private citizen’ he gets to pick and choose what he will talk about; citing he is exercising his rights! Interesting considering the information coming out now about how Comey illegally surveilled millions of Americans, including our President during the campaign and as President Elect, based on knowingly false intel and unmasked many of those victims. Now he wants his rights to be respected unlike what he did to others? Doesn’t that just take the cake or what?

He’s in a real straight either way you cut it. If he goes in and changes his whole story from his May 2nd testimony, then he’s committed perjury, obstructed justice and a host of other crimes the Department of Justice can indict him on and probably secure convictions. If he states anything that doesn’t match what he’s told the Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, then he’s charged with committing perjury once again – along with a host of crimes.

What does any of these scenarios spell out for James Comey? A 6’8″ orange jump suit and playing Betty to a Bubba in prison. Only a psychopath would be so brazen to think he could beat the system and not screw up in such a tight spot. However, as history dictates, these types always do and when they fall, they fall hard.

If you all remember, I did warn you all back in July 2016 that James Comey was not the person we all believed him to be. I didn’t come right out and call him a dirty cop but in so many words, yes, I did. The reasons were obvious as the nose on your face.

Most prudent people, given his situation, would never dream of pushing big envelopes that have devastating consequences – not just for him, but his entire family. His wife, Patrice, is notorious for advocating foster parenting and has taken in many children. Will the foster care program she works through even allow her to have children with her husband being in such a highly publicized, dubious position? Would hope not because those children shouldn’t be around someone so devious in nature.

Additionally, his children will be badly impacted by this situation by relation. It’s not fair because they have no control over what their father does but it happens more times than not. They could suffer ill consequences from this whole situation which would cause irreparable damage to their lives – both personally and professionally.

Thursday will be here before we know it and the proof will be in the pudding. If he is as smart as everyone thought, he’d be best to reconsider his big day at the dance and make a wiser decision. If I were James Comey, I’d probably go nowhere near the Capitol Building or halls of the Senate.

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