Comey Faces the Grill at Another Oversight Hearing!

Do you really want to talk patience, Director James Comey? Many Americans would agree they’re flat out of patience with you!

The Comey Hearing before the Judicial Oversight Committee yesterday proved Comey is doubling down on his negligence and apparent politicalizing an agency whom historically built its reputation of possessing an apolitical stance. The grilling was long even though some Democrats played politics, but it was effective to show Comey’s stance gets weaker with every new tidbit of information coming out at a daily rate!

Congressman Trey Gowdy (SC-R) explained to the director that his facts and conclusions don’t mesh – a disconnect not lost on most Americans whom understand clearly had it been anyone else in this investigation, the person would already be charged and awaiting trial. Comey’s who demeanor was indicative of a man on the defensive rather than one whom was confident the men and women sitting before him were buying the chuck n’ jive routine.

For your viewing our friends at Victurus Libertas have posted the interchange between Comey and Congressman Gowdy.

One bit that speaks volumes is when Gowdy remarked about this investigation not being the FBI he’s worked with in the past, which immediately elicited hostile defensive response from Comey. He even retorted snarkishly to Gowdy that he was no patience for people insinuating the FBI was blemished by their investigation.

“That’s not the FBI I know…” Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-R)

Later in his testimony to others, he made the infamous claim, “We aren’t weasels.” Well, no one said the agency was full of weasels but Comey can hardly be equated with the agency on the whole. If the director had enforced law without prejudice, perhaps he wouldn’t be accused of corrupting his department. It is not the FBI many of us are used to and I’d dare say that we won’t have that agency back until Comey’s corruption is removed.

Another part is when Congressman Doug Collins (GA-R) said to Comey he thought he just “blew it” when referring to the carefully parsed words he used while answering questions about other similar cases where servicemen where indicted and convicted of doing the same thing Clinton did with classified information. This elicited Rep. Collins to finish his question with the damning remark, “…this parsing is frankly why people are Fed Up!”

Comey floundered miserably when Congressman Darrell Issa (CA-R) reminded him that when he was chair of the Judicial Oversight Committee, they had to go through the FBI before granting immunity. Why this was important to note is Comey was trying to say he had no idea what the immunities were and pinned it entirely on the Department of Justice rather than accepting responsibility for his own culpability.

Clearly, from his statements, he is either a) incompetent as a law enforcement agent and lawyer or b) corrupted and politicizing or c) all of the above.

Interestingly, last night on Lou Dobbs, Mr. Dobbs stated he really didn’t see where Comey has lived up to all the ‘hype’. He was hard pressed to find where all this integrity reputation comes from and due to his incompetent bumbling of the Clinton investigation, he was amiss as to why everyone thought highly of James Comey when he was appointed. He was skeptical about his appointment because he wasn’t a career FBI agent whom possessed the experience within the agency – something that’s most desired when heading an organization.

Congressman Doug Collins (GA-R) "You Blew It!"
“You blew it!” Rep. Doug Collins (GA-R)

These questions are pertinent to voters, too. Why should we keep paying a large salary to someone who clearly can’t discern lawbreaking and criminal behavior? We all know the intent in actions before, during and after. Just looking at Hillary Clinton’s multitudes of scandals and resume of criminality leading up and after her tenure as Secretary of State is absolutely nauseating to most law abiding citizens whom hold our Rule of Law sacred.

Innocent people with integrity admit when they make a mistake and right the wrong as a result of said mistake. Therefore, if Comey were truly a man of such integrity, why doesn’t he just admit he blew it?

He continues to double down while saying his “team” of pros. Well, from all the ground chatter going on right now, Comey’s so-called team wants him out as much if not more than most Americans. They have made it very clear to many journalists that the oppression they’ve lived under with Comey at the helm has impeded them from performing their jobs and keeping their oath. His inter-office memo that was ‘leaked’ a couple weeks back is indicative that he’s fully aware many people within the FBI aren’t buying his swan song either. They all know what they lived through and more chatter continues to heighten with every nascent public appearance Comey makes.”

And just for the record regarding Comey’s ‘we talk’, many sources have commented, “We? What’s with this WE stuff?”

His emotional outbursts yesterday at the hearing were anything short of total immature denial of his ruse being found out. They were not moving nor were many fazed by his attempt to forward passion. Whatever! If he had all this passion for the FBI, then perhaps he should have done the right thing in the first place and let the Department of Justice Attorney General shoulder the political fallout. Instead, as he admitted yesterday, he performed prosecutor, judge and jury – all of which are a) not in his job description and b) not in his purvey to do!

To judge for yourself, please refer to the full hearing on C-SPAN at the link below. You’re in for many shaking head moments as you watch the continued disintegration of director Comey before your very eyes!

The full hearing on C-SPAN.

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