James Comey Broke the Law

It’s no secret by his own admission during his hearing in early June that James Comey abused his office as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations when he took documents and leaked them to the New York Times through an emissary. This is breaking the law and nothing short of what Hillary Clinton did when she served as Secretary of State. So, when is his indictment going to come forth?

In the legal world, a confession is something that denotes guilt. Is there really any need for some grand (and pricey) investigation when Comey admitted before the world that he leaked information – some of which was found to be classified? Why is he still walking the street?

It would seem the Deep State is trying to play fast with laws when it comes to their ‘helpers’ and for all we know, his participation may be more than a causal connection. It seems Comey could be at the nexus of the whole ordeal because of the impeccable forethought to keep documents in his possession before being fired in May.

In fact, many have proven that his leaks started well before the whole “tapes” comment made by President Trump, so it is not like he was just pedestrian in his efforts but more pointed and with purpose.

The fact remains, what Comey did is illegal; therefore, it raises real questions as to why he is not on the chopping block with the new FBI Director Christopher Wray. Are there any investigations happening? Is there anything that will be considered as fallout from his testimony which will send him to the brink? Had anyone else done what he did, (unless you’re a Clinton) would have already been arrested. Remember that little gal in Georgia who was carted away for linking?

Will we see a Comey indictment here in the near future? The DC sect is being awfully quiet about any Comey-backlash from his hearing admissions.

If the Justice Department is truly serious about restoring its image in the eyes of most Americans, they will start handing down these indictments because we all know the game now. Should they fail to do so, Americans will still have much to distrust about what real justice is being served on the DC level.

The law is reason free from passion — Aristotle.

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