Clinton #PedoGate & How the FBI is Saving Our Nation

The Clinton campaign is in a downward spiral as she limps towards Election Day with dead bodies, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, DCLeaks, and Bill’s victims trailing her every move. As if it couldn’t get any worse, the FBI now has reopened their prior investigation after Huma Abedin’s estranged husband, Anthony Weiner was caught with a treasure chest of Clinton’s most damning evidence yet to be found…

Trashed by all the media outlets, such as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, Jake Tapper, Sally Kohn, George Stephanopoulos, Shep Smith and a host of political pundits and Democrat DC elites, FBI Director James Comey has been verbally burned at the stake over and over again since his stunning lenter to Congress, stating he had reopened the Clinton Email Investigation.

Do these people really believe that Comey can be “Ken Starred”?

Well, let’s see, Ken had a staff of 19 but the FBI has 6,000 agents just itching to bring Hillary and her minions of criminal dissidents to justice – you do the math.

As it would seem, it looks as though this time, the Clintons have gotten in way over their heads as he is no one to be toiled with. Only the more Obama screams on the campaign trail along with Clinton, the more documents about the Clinton’s appetite of corruption comes through the FBI Vaults by way of their Wikileaks account.

Now startling new revelations discovered by NYPD and the FBI since Weiner turned over his laptop, cellphone and hard drive to the home computer, now exposes the Clintons’ hand in a seedy unworldly of International Sex Child Slavery that has long been rumored regarding Jeff Epstein’s Orgy Island in the Bahamas.

Rumors have begun swirling with allegations have about Alan Dershowitz, lead attorney for the Clintons and their criminal family syndicate, and his involvement with Weiner and Epstein to make some deals, selling access to Clinton’s private server. Yes, selling our secrets to places like Israel and other places. FBI sources confirmed a new investigation regarding his relationship to this sickening sex slavery plot has been reopened along with added interests in the handling of classified information.

One of our Clever Researchers put this wonderful thought chain together for you to review!
One of our Clever Researchers put this wonderful thought chain together for you to review!

Incidentally, Dershowitz brokering this deal so foreign actors had blackmail material against our Congress, Senate and the Clintons along with several other high profile personalities – much like the UK’s  Prince Andrew, Duke of York. The devious plot, with its twists and turns, has yet to be proffered; however, it’s just a matter of time before all the tawdry details surface about this game of extortion, espionage and pedophilia.

As many learned from FBI Anon last summer, many cases have now begun to mushroom as a result of the Clinton Foundation investigation, which never closed in spite of the summer’s developments. Four cases for the Clintons and their Foundation involves four jurisdictions, California, New York, Arkansas and the District of Columbia are also now working through the treasure trove of formerly BleachBit emails everyone thought were gone forever.

Like Donald Trump, surely the FBI is thanking their lucky stars that the Clintons have all low friends in low places.

Please check back as we’ll post more videos and links to places where you can see the information readily available for you to view.

Reddit Discussion on the pedophile situation.

Discussion with Alex Jones on Infowars with Doug Hagmann.

And in the meantime, ask yourselves, if you wouldn’t leave your child in the care of Hillary Clinton, why would you entrust his or her future to her lack of judgment and sexual deviant leanings?

Dare to be informed and vote responsibly.


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