Clinton Faints at 9/11 Ceremony

Reported on Fox News, Hillary Clinton fainted at 9/11 ceremony held in New York. She was whisked away by her security detail, even leaving her press pool behind. This happening from some medical episode.

People, what does it take for you to realize this woman’s health is a major issue to be considered? It’s not like Clinton is a strong, healthy person. She’s apparently afflicted with some illness(es) and is physically unfit to meet the demands of office – that is, if she can even get through the election process in one piece.

In recent months, Clinton has experienced several medical episodes in public from seizures to looking stunned at a rally where her doctor had to ‘snap her out of a strange trance’ after protestors caught her off guard. Her temperament has also been notoriously violable as in the recent report after the Commander in Chief Forum where she threw a fit and demanded Matt Lauer to be fired for his questioning her on her email server scandal.

It’s time for her medical records to be demanded by the FEC, the DNC and GOP to a test to her physical capacity to serve. Let’s end this apparent double standard between parties as our country needs to have a strong leader whose constitution can withstand the multitude of pressures while serving as President of the United States.

From our friends at Victurus Liberatus, the following video describes the post-Forum incident where Clinton threw a glass, narrowly missing a staffer and calling Donna Brazile names. Also, as many of you know, Clinton called Trump Supporters during many fundraising events and now on Jerusalem TV, “a basket of deplorables, ” racists and every other name under the sun to denote she has no intention of trying to win over anyone who may be on the fence about Trump!


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