Clarification of my Twitter Critiques!

Like the air we breathe, historically, everyone in America takes the Federal Bureau of Investigations for granted…

When I studied law, I was always in awe of the FBI’s tenacity and had the pleasure to study it’s rich history in our Criminal Justice System. As a youngster, I wanted to be a prosecutor. I always thought being the prosecutor was very much like being a Super Hero of sorts – fighting to preserve justice and bring peace to people victimized by the criminal acts of others. Even with the lawyer jokes, I still saw law as one of the most honorable professions – as a prosecutor.

My knowledge of the agency’s history is more than a cursory curiosity. I’ve had many mentors and dear friends who served for decades. These were upstanding people of strong morals and staunch supporters of our Rule of Law. They value our Jurisprudence system above and beyond the average citizen. They are the kind of people we all want to be our neighbors because even when they were ‘off-duty’ they still continued to look out for fellow citizens. Always poised to protect.

So, now you can imagine my devastation at Director James Comey when he made such provocative and legally false assertions about the Clinton Email Investigation and resulting failure to recommend charges. Like most Americans, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton was given a massive pass – so much so that even Congress is beating the belfries to get answers. I can only imagine Congressmen and women from all over America are getting hounded to get to the bottom of this seemingly corrupt incubus within the FBI.

The Law is Reason free from Passion. — Aristotle

Because of my critical tweets, one dear friend warned I may be on a ‘list’!  I don’t criticize for fun; my critique is because I love my country – the United States of America and want her to remain free of tyrannical and hostile forces – both domestic and abroad! My critique comes from my heart – not as any threat but out of the love I feel for my fellow Americans whom have to live with consequences as a result of actions beyond our control.

Therefore, if that warrants me being put on a list.. a list for disagreeing with an unlawful, obvious political action? Well, so be it.

Honestly, I am more disenchanted and worried about the dangerous precedent set than angry. In fact, I’m saddened beyond belief that an agency I spent over half a century believing in now seems to be steeped in corruption and political entanglements. Unfortunately, due to Comey not having his own Twitter account, I can’t communicate this to him directly so, @FBI has been the only place to hopefully relay my sadness and loss of faith to him through some chain within the Bureau that follows such things. In a way, you can say the whole Bureau by de facto has shouldered the misdeeds of one.

Is the whole FBI? Absolutely not!

I’m going to state right here, I believe 99.9% of the agents are honorable people whom have our safety at heart. The .1% consists of one person — James Comey! He is the one whom I believe has sold America down the river to protect his long time associate while rewriting case law to suit his rationale.

To give you some insight, I will admit to you, up until July 5, 2016, I had an unflinching faith and respect for James B. Comey. I have long admired his legal career and found his tenacity to go after criminals regardless of their socioeconomic status or place among celebrity to be head and shoulders above most prosecutors. Like another favorite, Preet Bharara, I always looked up to him as a beacon of strength. And while I don’t know the man personally, I do have many acquaintances within the legal community who do and have always spoken very highly of him.

My dear friend and mentor, the late Vincent Bugliosi, and I would often speak of Comey’s legal eagle stance regarding the law.  In fact, I even told Vince, he reminded me of him when he convicted Charles Manson on circumstantial evidence alone! I even told him should I decide later in life to pursue law again, my hope would be to be compared to Comey. Brilliance personified.

I’ve watched many YouTube videos of Comey’s speeches and Congressional testimonies about issues. One testimony about Ashcroft while in the hospital was particularly moving as it was clear this moment was not easy for him yet he did everything to preserve the confidence the Attorney General had instilled in him. Comey was emotionally moved by the memories from that night – and it demonstrated a sense of humanity within him rarely seen from someone with his legal prowess. Hence, when President Obama made him the Director of the FBI – even without ever serving as an agent – I was elated beyond words. I thought, “Well at least, we can rest a bit easier knowing that someone with Comey’s caliber manning the ship.” I believe this with all my heart and soul — that is, until last July.

After watching his much-anticipated press conference, I was stunned to the point where it took me a whole 24-hour cycle to recover from my shock and amazement to even write about his audacious statements. Three days later when I watched him testify on the matter before the Congressional Oversight Committee, I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears as he admitted Clinton lied several times during the Benghazi hearing to Trey Gowdy (perjury) and had obstructed justice, yet he found no grounds for criminal recommendations. I was stunned the one interview with her was neither under oath, recorded or in his personal presence. It all began to sound like a political farce rather than a law enforcement investigation.

To say my feeling got worse is a grave understatement but, I still tried to have some faith that, at any moment, the Comey I’d witness over the years would come back in full force! I was waiting for him to do the right thing for the American people not some political elite…

Remarking to many that I noticed his obvious uneasiness in both his presser and testimony before the Oversight Committee, I still hoped beyond hope that there was a bigger picture he was pursuing. I had heard soon after that the FBI had launched investigations into the Clinton Foundation with NY, DC and Little Rock — hence, believing that Comey had a stunningly bigger fish to finally bring the Clintons to justice after all these decades of seeing them continually get passes and skirt our law without conscience. I believed this even with that nagging voice, that Comey was going to right the wrong that happened in July.

Like many, I believed that Lynch had thwarted and handcuffed him, giving him absolutely no choice but to pass on the email situation but believed he would make it right with something much bigger. Now, that faith is completely lost.

After the Breitbart articles about his longtime ties with the Clintons along with the release of the FBI notes of Clinton’s interview, his weak interoffice memorandum and whining about social media in an interview causing loss of faith in government, I have lost all hope that there’s a more honorable schema in Comey’s future plans for defending justice. Along with hope went my trust, respect and past admiration for him.

To clarify: Sir, I never had unwavering faith in our government but I always had faith in the Bureau and its oath of apolitical pursuit to preserve our freedoms by upholding our Constitution and Rule of Law.

As humans, even heroes sometimes fall from pedestals but when they do, it’s devastating to those who looked up to them…

Now with the ongoing investigations in Minnesota, New Jersey and New York regarding terrorism, once again, on our soil, I wish Comey would just leave local law enforcement alone to do their jobs unfettered. While I know the FBI resources and labs are superior, those resources come with a heavy political price now, containing subterfuge, red tape, biases and corruption that law enforcement doesn’t need to deal with while trying to ferret out the truth about what happened this last weekend.

Please note, while I’ve lost all the love for Comey, this by no means, I believe the agents and their managers are unworthy of our respect and admiration. I believe they do their jobs with a heightened proficiency, grace and integrity. However, I now also believe they are held back from doing the right and legal thing under threats with gag orders, terminations and possible prosecution. This suspicion is upsetting but until leadership changes in Washington, nothing can or will be done to stop the reign of terror these men and women live under at present. My hope is that those days will end sooner than later for them as I can only imagine how torn and inner turmoil they feel on a daily basis now.

To Director Comey, mere words cannot relay my dissppointment in you! And no, social media is not responsible for this, sir. The blame falls squarely on your shoulders – and your shoulders alone.

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