Civil Rights & Democrats

Today, it’s most hypocritical on the part of Democrats to spout off about Civil Rights, racism and Jim Crow at Republicans when in the mid-Sixties, they were the ones who fought hard against equal rights to all people.

For those who study real American History instead of the feel-good sentiments of textbooks due to Common Core, it comes as no surprise the misinformed youth and young adults runs rampant. Hence, why so many lean towards liberalism.

When one looks at the actual passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is found that while the bill made its way through the Senate, the longest filibuster perpetrated in the Senate’s history was perpetrated by the Democrats. Robert Byrd (D-WV), a former Klansman, spoke for fourteen hours straight in opposition of the bill. Ironically, this is the same man whose funeral was attended by both Clintons and then-president Obama.

As with many things on the Hill, due to trade agreements and kickbacks, the Senate finally had the votes to pass the legislation; however, it was not for the Democrats. Their obstructionist tactics were in full throttle to prevent the bill from passing. Therefore, doesn’t it seem strange that the Black community would gravitate to the Democrats after this long battle?

The entitlement class has come into being due to the protection of said class. Many saw the Civil Rights as a green light to protect one class of people over others. For example, white people do not have equality in the current situation because many Civil Rights so-called leaders claim whites deserve disparaging for their participation in slave ownership in the pre-American Civil War era.

This argument would be plausible but facts do not back up this claim. In the pre-Civil War era, only about 5% of the entire population in America could afford to own slaves; most being in the North – labeled as ‘domestic servants’ in large households. In the South, very few plantations had more than seven to ten slaves along with indentured servants. Therefore, the whole white race was not responsible for enforced captivity in the slavery era. A minority of whites were involved and what many history books also neglect to mention is, many free black people owned slaves in the Colonial Chesapeake region. Anthony Johnson from Angola who was sold by Arab slave traders but achieved freedom and went on to become a farmer, owning indentured servants and slaves. In fact, one such free black man owned many more slaves than most white slave owners.

As stated above, the reason most don’t know about the black slave owners is because of the education’s system failure to teach real history to students. It is not until one gets into the graduate level coursework that these factoids are studied by history majors. It is one of the misnomers about our education system and it’s lack of comprehensive study of America’s complete history – which fuels the racial divides and has NFL players on their knees due to pure ignorance.

Returning to the Civil Rights Act, as one can surmise, many Southern Democrat-run states were not happy about its passage and they fought hard to keep it from being implemented. In truth, Johnson did sign it but did not enforce it. Republican President Richard Nixon was the one to enforce the Act, using the Supreme Court to issue rulings and quash injunctions. Through the legal system, he was able to implement busing to insure educational equality – largely unpopular in most Democrat states in the South and the North. For more research, you can always look up busing in Boston for an example of how vehemently the Democrats were against integration within their school system during the early Seventies.

An interesting note is that due to the turmoil of the Civil Rights Movement broadcasted on television, many White people also took up their cause and marched with them to achieve equality. Therefore, it wasn’t just the Black man against the world, they also had a lot of help from the White community, too. For more information on how Whites were also persecuted for standing up for Black protestors, see the Freedom Rides. Many White men were beaten to a pulp along with their fellow Black riders.

Another interesting note to the Democrats and their relations with the Black communities is the fact that the first Black legislators in DC were in fact, Republicans. In contradiction, it was the Democrats who held racism close to heart while Republicans sought fair and equal treatment for all races.

Therefore, the next time you hear Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, John Lewis or Sheila Jackson Lee spout off about the evils of the Republicans against Black America, remember the picture above and how White people working in unison with Black people made Civil Rights happen against the Democrats protests. Both Black and White protestors in favor of Civil Rights paid a dear price in many ways – a debt Ms. Waters, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Lewis and Ms. Jackson Lee seem to ignore.


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