Cheri Jacobus: Victim or Paid GOP Operative to Slam Trump?

Who is Cheri Jacobus and what makes her – or anyone else – think she’s relevant to voters? As an avid political junkie, I have watched many elections from Reagan (actually Nixon but I was a kid) on and never heard of this supposed Republican Political Analyst. However, with election, her name has been thrusted into the big camera limelight after her interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show.

Allegedly, she claims that Trump begged her to board his Trump Train as an adviser but then backed out of the deal. In her interview, she bemoaned that he was a bad debater and merely criticized him for not going to the Iowa debate. (A move most of his supporters whole-hardheartedly supported.) sounds innocent, right? Well, negative.

After this interview, she tells the New York Times reporters, Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, that Trump took time out of his campaign schedule to personally trash her on Twitter. Funny but not done, the article goes further where she cried that not only Trump but his six million plus supporters also joined in the vilification of pour, sweet and innocent Cheri. 

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