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By Thornton Crowe
(Published on Salisbury News)

We often see in the news and TMZ, celebrities becoming more vocal about their personal politics. This phenomenon only provokes the question, “Do they really mean what they say or are they just saying these things to keep their names out there in the airwaves?”

dashIt seems the Liberal celebrity gets away with saying some of the most hateful rhetoric while the Conservatives are scorned. For example, Whoopi Goldberg released a statement about relocating out of the US if Donald Trump becomes president as well as other liberal celebrities and you have to wonder, where would she go?

In the commentary of a recent post, someone raised this very question. She certainly couldn’t move to any communist country, as free speech is not something their citizens are allowed. This runs counter to Goldberg’s continual weighing in on government affairs. She would be seen as a person who would be on the government radar with a short period of time. When looking at the other options, she is in the only free country where her view (pardon the pun) would be acceptable or even allowed by law.

Whenever the Conservative celebrities are forthright with their views, like Stacey Dash’s endorsement of Romney and now her speaking out against her fellow black actors’ Oscar boycott, are often demonized and vilified by the media and the public. They stay relatively quiet with the exception of people like Rob Lowe, who tweets his conservative witticisms and pays dearly in counter tweets. Believe it or not, many have a misconception about Hollywood’s seemingly Liberal bend. Much of Hollywood’s high-powered stakeholders are Republicans, yet you seldom see them weighing in on any media outlet because it’s simply not their style.

whoopiThe downside to this uber-liberal celebrity pontification is that many young, under-informed voters look to them as heroes and take their opinions of our governance as fact not opinion. They look to the Beyonce-types and let their views be dictated by these celebrities that may or may not be really weighing in on subjects, but trying to drum up their fan base and planted news articles during ‘down’ times in their careers. What they don’t realize is, their opinions are based firmly in hypocrisy because if it weren’t for capitalism, they would not be rich. The fact that they invest money, pay for large mansions and buy extremely expensive cars is demonstrative of their own use of the same ‘capitalistic system’ they vilify.

Therefore, can we really trust these celebrities and their views or should we look at candidates and our government more objectively, ferreting out the information and facts for ourselves?

How say you?

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