Can We Trust Him?

After James Comey’s testimony on the Hill last Thursday, many questions are now raised about Special Counsel, Robert Mueller – his mentor and good friend, perhaps one of those he confided in prior to his termination about his ‘memorandums’ and leaks.

Given his connection to Comey, how do we know he wasn’t in on the leaks which led to him being appointed as Special Counsel? Would you be surprised if we find out this is the case?

The question is a very valid one because, as we’ve seen in many cases, DC elites cover each others’ butts in times of trouble. Comey, himself, is an excellent example of covering for the Clintons since the early Nineties. Whitewater, Marc Riche, E-Mail Servers and Foundation RICO violations – all hidden by Comey as he played loose with his various positions throughout the years. How do we know Mueller won’t extend his little buddy Comey the same professional courtesy?

It’s clear from Comey’s testimony (and the fact his leaking buddy has gone MIA) that many crimes were committed but now, we have to worry whether Mueller will pull a Comey-Clinton on us. Completely ignoring our rule of law to protect a criminal whose got ties to the big fishes.

Comey proved you don’t have to wear a black robe, hold a gavel or sit on a bench for Judicial Activism to be exerted in any legal situation. It’s actually stunning how deteriorated our justice has become due to pompous morons who seek power and self-enrichment while hiding behind some Boy Scout guise, filled with feign patriotism and false memes. Comey and his ilk have turned such words into cheap dime store trinkets, which are meaningless and trite.

Mueller is in a position of power that, due to his obvious conflict of interest now, should lose post haste. There’s no recusing, he should be asked to leave because he’s intimately involved in a self-incriminated defendant to be. Newt Gingrich was absolutely right when he said there was no reason to have this Special Counsel now that Comey came out and finally admitted there’s no there, there.

Therefore, I ask you, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t it time for Mueller to follow Comey’s exit and get out of Dodge. I’d say the time is now – yesterday actually!

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