Can We Really Trust the FBI?

This morning on Fox & Friends, former Utah Congressman,Jason Chaffetz, was interviewed about the new revelations regarding the FBI’s handling of the Clinton Email investigation – along with all the nefarious actions taken by people like James Comey and Peter Strzok. It was appalling when we heard the original Press Conference where Comey laid out a prosecution then went limp and backed away from the case. At that point, most Americans (clear-thinking ones) knew that a political bamboozle was up within the FBI and it was then, many started to question the Bureau’s true nature.

Historically, the Bureau has gone through it’s years of ups and downs. It is no secret that it’s original leader, J. Edgar Hoover, was known for spying on people unconstitutionally; however, those targets were usually political ones on both sides of the fence. Many have speculated he blackmailed presidents with their private lives so they were reticent about replacing him — probably how he retained his position for decades without challenges. Now, the  position has a decade (10-year) shelf-life (even though Mueller served longer on and off) and those days of unfettered access to private lives was cut off… or so we thought!

Today’s show,  Chaffetz argues, as many have,  there are good people in the FBI who do their jobs efficiently and without political bias. He went on to state they are the people who should be promoted within the ranks. However, the leadership has poisoned the well with their politicization of the bureau – especially under recent administrations. The problem for most Americans is, how can we discern which witch is which?

Even in the Nineties, decent, honorable FBI agents with decades of service fell by retirement sword when they reported back to headquarters an unfavorable report; therefore, this is not a new situation. Yet, the management kept their jobs in spite of fudging the situations to meet some political need at the time.

The same can be said for the Department of Justice as these changes in public opinion didn’t just happen overnight; they occurred while observing on-going capitulation to political groups rather than seeking justice against those who break our laws. Foolishly, we believed Jeff Sessions would bring law and order back into vogue but so far, we’ve been deeply disappointed in his inability to act responsibly and enforce law on the apparent elite class in America. The current melee at the FBI is nothing different from what we’ve witnessed throughout many decades, it’s just now, the players involved are more public than those in the past.

For most Americans, we’re in a real rock and hard place space because we can’t trust the FBI anymore. They’ve fallen from grace in light of their cover for Hillary Clinton and it’s become more obvious as more is uncovered about the sham investigation into all things Clinton.

This continuum is far from one-sided; John McCain’s scrape with the Keating 5 investigation in the Eighties is another example of how investigations went sideways when criminal behavior wasn’t punished. Ironically, both Clinton and McCain had the audacity to run for the highest office in our land, knowing what they did was illegal.

Citizens should be have a one tier justice system – not one that has a separate code for the surfs to follow while the self-proclaimed elites can run around unaccountable for their criminality. Justice, by definition, cannot be bought or sold – it’s supposed to be equal in every sense. Therefore, when will our jurisprudence go back to its core value in our society?

In truth, what we have now is not unlike what Nazi Germany had during the early Thirties while the Third Reich rose to power. One would think we would’ve learned from that history, but much of it is shielded unless one takes a concerted effort to investigate it more thoroughly.

In all honesty, nothing short than an indictment of the Clintons (yes, all three of them) will promote the idea that legal justice has made a comeback in America. Until then, it’s all just word-play and puff n’ stuff verbiage which no one has the time nor patience to endure.

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