Can We Really Trust MSM Opinion Polls?

By Thornton Crowe

The political pundits like Karl Rove will tell you the unfavorables and favorables with glee but can we really trust the MSM polls?

What’s in a poll… four months away? Even Larry Sabato from UVA agrees the polls now are not necessarily indicative of who wins or loses in November!

With pollsters these days having their own inner-agendas and reasons for one candidate over another winning, believing the polls administered by the propaganda arm of our government is absolutely absurd. During this election cycle, even Fox News has shows its true stripes in biased reporting and translucent stumping for any other GOP candidate than Donald Trump. We can’t depend on these so-called people polls as a gauge of what’s going on or where voters lean as we move towards the general election.

baton-rougeca-lwmw4ae0bqa1Fact is, Trump’s polls aren’t so hot but he continues to draw thousands upon thousands to his rallies throughout the country. This movement has stirred up Soros and the loony left to the point where they are coming out to agitate against the people’s hero. Why? Because they’re very afraid the Silent Majority is re-surging like it did in 1968 – and we all know how that worked out…

Therefore, given Trump’s massive popularity with all demographics attending his rallies (inside with Trump signs and shirts) we really can’t believe the MSM hyperbole. His numbers of physical turnout sends a very different message, regardless of his supposed gaffs (which turn out to be right.)

When they report these poll numbers, we never see the exact wording or the demographics of the real participants. In the spirit of ‘fair and balanced’ we often seen a mixture of people when they do their man-on-the-street interviews. Often when they do these interviews, it’s to point out how uninformed most voters are regarding their candidates of choice.

hillary-at-rappyConversely, we can’t believe Hillary Clinton’s numbers are as high as the MSM would have us believe. Why? For starters, she’s a criminal. That never bodes well for middle America. Second, her rallies even coming close to Trump’s – meaning, she’s working the gymnasium and small venue route while Trump holds his rallies in anything from large airplane hangers to major stadiums throughout America. His numbers are staggering while hers are on line with usual candidates in a primary election.

She is not a candidate that resonance with Americans and her stance with keeping things on track with Obama’s plan, for most, is not something that’s palpable given the fact that many Americans are suffering right now in this economy as well as being scared because of the constant threats of terrorists, knocking on our door and permeating our televisions.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., lifts his arms in celebration as he speaks at a rally, Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015, at the Moda Center in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Troy Wayrynen)
(AP Photo/Troy Wayrynen)

We all have seen Sanders’s crowds and there’s far more people. Clinton’s lucky if she gets a couple hundred in many of her rallies. Numbers don’t lie when photographs denote the size. Video of her rallies on the MSM show her up close with adoring (well-placed) fans behind her, yet on pull back, there’s another story. Much like what they did in Indiana at Ted Cruz rallies, there’s not as many people there as we initially perceive.

While it seemed like a primary to make history, the numbers are not fabricated when we look at the pictures. The pictures betray the MSM’s prop-up job for Hillary while downplaying Trump’s extraordinary turnout and success.

As an informed voter, one must use discernment and question everything you see… but one poll you can believe in is Fox News’ poll showing only 8% believe the Media anymore while 92% do not. That’s the only poll I’ve seen that not only makes sense, rings true.

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