By a Razor’s Edge… 4th of July Remembrance

On this special 4th of July, we are afford an opportunity to give much gratitude to our fellow Americans who stood up against tyranny this last Election Day and faced the most viciously corrupt machine we’ve seen in many decades.

We all heard about the nebulous Clinton Machine and for many, even as we cheered on Donald Trump, said “The Fix Is In.” Well, that fix wasn’t as permanent as many believed. Our rage against the machine liberated us from said machine and we moved passed it – even to the Left’s chagrin (and terminal temper tantrums). They couldn’t dissuade us with their nonsensical balderdash and bullish tactem. In fact, their irreverence only fueled our resolve to bring this whole sham to a crashing halt.

I can admit this now, friends, I was more than a tad worried this time last year even though I didn’t let it out of the bag. From the indicators (polls) it looked like the Fix was in and we were going to come crashing down into a colossal globalist mess. Lucky for us all, enough patriots were awakened by the razor, realizing if we didn’t act now, we were going to lose everything we love about this country.

Don’t let the Media fool you. There were a lot more Democrats voting for Trump than Hillary Clinton would ever admit in both public or private. Many Liberals jumped off the Clinton train with good reason: She’s an unabashed corrupt criminal. Her blatant criminality was the real Russian Dressing – along with the salad and anchovies on the side. She was her own true enemy and yet, she still to this day, has convinced herself otherwise.

We have much to celebrate. We’ve hoed a long row with this last election – and from the looks of the everyday struggles with Media and the lunatic fringe Left, we are nowhere near the end of said road. However, be that as it may, we’ve persevered and continued forth in a stunningly provocative manner. Our leader, President Trump, has spurred and inspired us to be more daring, more audaciously curt and sincere unlike any president before – other than perhaps Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagan.


What many of you don’t probably know is, like I’ve said before, Jefferson and Trump’s temperament are very similar in nature. Both have a dedication towards America and her freedoms that rallies a kind of dogmatism that no one can thwart. Their enthusiasm is unmolested as they both were strong, powerful men – long before they became President of the United States. Also, neither was ‘groomed’ for their position, instead they were men of many interests, talents and endeavors. Diplomacy was not their strong suit but it was/is easily overlooked because of their results.

Many colonial contemporaries didn’t like Jefferson. They thought his private life was too salacious, tongue to viciously cutting and his wit went way over his fellow patriots’ heads. He was not one to mince words, and to say he was a bit apathetic towards any injury his tongue caused is well understated in our historical renditions of the man. Innovators often lack the people skills others find so easy because they spend much of their time in quiet solitude, contemplating problems, theorems and philosophy. One could even make an argument in the comparisons that Trump is much more diplomatic in his handling of others than Jefferson.

All too often, the nannies in our society get too caught up on decorum and forget substance, which should be ever-present and forefront in mind. Results are the real ‘can’ not the how. Not to say, “The ends justifies the means” is always a good tract to go, it goes without saying, it’s the results that have meaningful changing agents – not words or protocol. In many regards, Trump’s handling of his most critical enemies is not one to lay down and take the abuse. Much like Jefferson, his acidic tongue stings – and in doing so, disarms agents who are used to presidents turning the other cheek.

In short, neither Trump nor Jefferson were/are ones to be toiled with. Nothing slips past their sharp wit and mental agility. Hence, why they were/are both very difficult to work for because the excellence demanded is nothing less than that which they demand of themselves.

The ultimate dream dinner for me as a historian is this: My choice of dining companions would be Jefferson and Trump together in one room. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold? The conversation between them would be on so many levels it would be both amusing and miraculous all in the same breath.

To imagine such a meeting is almost too much to contemplate because both would bring their like-sensibilities. It’s a safe bet, they’d go from being staunch adversaries to the closest of friends in one swoop!

Tweet or Quill: What’s the difference? There is none!

Yes, these two historical figures will and have personified what it is to be American. If you really think about it, our country as a whole has always set the pace and tenor with attitude unmatched by any other country.

This time last year, we were given a challenge – an ultimatum – to either put up or shut up. We put up and away we go! Now, not only can we rediscover what made America great but also what makes each and every one of us great, too.

We are now, once again, allowed to be individuals – warts and all – with a general acceptance where before, our government was seeking us to conform to a cookie-cutter mold. Trump, like Jefferson, is a cookie molder annihilator – and it’s most fascinating to witness. Just think, fifty years from now, kids in school will read about this period and marvel at how we – patriots – came back from brink of globalism and had a most truculent but effective leader whose Tweets spoke the words of a nation – much like what Jefferson did with his quill!

The last election was the Second American Revolution in many regards. We came together – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – to rage against the tyrannical machine that promoted an abysmal future where every one of our freedoms would be stripped away for the sake of Big Brother! We used our votes as our modern-day muskets and charged forth in spite of all the rubbish and naysayers.

Yes, my friends, we have and are making history every moment of this current administration. We voted for him. We support him. And we will continue to trust but verify. So far, though, President Trump has yet to disappoint! He represents us in mind, body and spirit.

Who could ask for more from a person we call, Mr. President?

Happy Fourth of July, patriots! Today, we really do have something most spectacular to celebrate!

Let’s keep on winning!

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