Burn the Witch!

With yesterday’s brazen move by FBI Director James Comey in reopening the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server and mishandling of classified information, one has to wonder, what could be found that would have him so ignited to walk back his October 6 testimony to Congress? So, it would seem that now, much caution has been thrown to he wind — and now, the wind has finally reacted. Murmurs of pedophiles, secrecy, treason, lies, the very stuff that can change elections overnight..America is awash in, and fixated with…what to call it?….I know.. #HillarysWeinerGate. Democrats insist it’s only a “flesh wound”.

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-11-15-17-amThe index finger pointing Democrats have been caught with their proverbial pants around their ankles as they had no foreknowledge this was even a possibility. They believed they were all in the clear from FBI scrutiny; One wonders why Hillary Clinton’s WiFi was turned off on her plane. Reporters allege Hillary and Huma only learned of the breaking scandal after her plane hit the tarmac, a plane by the way, full of reporters..Ahem….

In a hastily thrown together  presser yesterday, she called for transparency, demanding the FBI show them what they had… Well, that sounds logical to a novice with no knowledge of the law;however, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and disgraced Congressman Elijah Cummings are all lawyers – hence, they know that the FBI cannot legally release anything while in a criminal investigation. The HRC team is desperately trying to pivot and guess what, nobody is biting.This simple ruse to fool the American people – pontificating, if you will, to deflect and feign upset, is something that sticks deep in the craw of the American People.We may forgive prior transgressions, but not current and outrageous fabrication. (Hint: Clinton knows exactly what Comey has found but she’ll never admit to it unless backed into the corner – much like her hubby did with his torrid affairs and sexual assaults in the late Nineties.)

#PredatorGate ? It has a scary ring to it…..

Okay now down to business. As many insiders are surfacing, we’ve found out a few things but here’s a boiled down, Cliff Notes explanation of what is occurring at this time and how these ‘rumors’ are extremely plausible given the situations and players involved.

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-11-09-01-amFirst. in regards to the Weiner’s involvement besides the obvious Abedin connection to Clinton. Anthony Weiner has been bragging that the cemented a deal where Israel would double their aid from the United States in increments as follows: Should Clinton become president, an initial $5-10 Billion with an increase to $38 Billion by the end of her first term. The payoff: Israel would pay $100-200 Million to the Clinton Foundation. (Sound like familiar fodder we’ve been hearing through Wikileaks?)

This is completely plausible given that Anthony Weiner is a staunch Israeli “Firster” and has deep ties with the Israeli government. Furthermore, this is rooted in a pedophile scandals often result in serious prison time and last summer, we told you Weiner had already sought and received the okay to flee to the country to evade prosecution. Given these actual facts, it is not out of the realm of reality that Weiner had brokered such a deal and would most assuredly explain much of the #NeverTrumpers railing against Trump with their deep ties to Israel.

Second, many have speculated that Comey caved to pressure on July 5th after the not-so-clandestine meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on that Phoenix tarmac. Could he be succumbing to pressure again? In all likelihood probably because it is no secret the FBI is in utter turmoil. This is more than plausible because of the non-stop leaking coming from agents and former FBI high brass since the July 5th statement.

This morning on Fox & Friends, Ed Klein, author of the book, Guilty As Sin, stated that he (Comey) had a stack of resignations on his desk from agents whom have quit due to their charges that he let Clinton off the hook. It was reported he was very depressed from many insiders as well as his coworkers and friends have frozen him out – socially and otherwise.

Third, the FBI mutiny is far bigger than what meets the eye. Many insiders have threatened if he didn’t move to right this wrong, they would leak everything about the case to the public – because, after all, we do have a right to know what we might be voting for. Furthermore more, as seen in recent weeks, there have been agents seeking outside counsel (lawyers) in order for them to break with the nondisclosure they were forced to sign, and come forth with this information legitimately rather than through back doors like Reddit.

Fourth, there is a strong indication from some sources that Loretta Lynch herself is now in the crosshairs. Just last week, she plead the Fifth when asked about the Iranian Ransom payments — refusing to explain anything about the $1.7 Billion given to Iran in non-traceable cash. Also in that story, some have indicated that Comey was warned not to send that letter to Congress — which may signal he has the goods on her and possibly many other State Department colluders.


As we’ve seen from Wikileaks it is no secret that the State Department, Clinton campaign, and the Democratic National Committee were all in on the FBI’s previous investigation. Knowing every move and when evidence would be requested, it allowed Clinton and her band of obstructors to flame, bleach and beat evidence into nonexistence. Comey, as we learned through Klein’s, Guilty, knew about multiple leaks, which weighed heavily on him during the ordeal.

Fifth, Comey has spent his entire career honing a reputation of honesty and straight forward legal eagle stance. He was herald as the modern day, Eliot Ness! Given the above, many have said he’s reached an internal moral crisis where his conscience perhaps has gotten to him. Anyone who knows the law and listened to his damning remarks on July 5th knows, he was essentially admitting she was guilty of many crimes. In fact, if you watch the statement again, the pale faced man didn’t strike as a one resolved in his decision not to recommend criminal charges.

8y6ynzx-jpg-largeGiven the shock of everyone concerned, it appears given yesterday’s startling revelation, Comey truly decided to take a second bite at the apple after making his career-ending, reputation-ruining decision in July of his own accord!

Finally, I task you to imagine waking up as Jim Comey…

Picture if you will: You’ve got all your agents glaring at you everyday – people you really should be able to trust with your life now thinking you’re a rat, a weasel or worse; you’re escoriated by Congressmen Trey Gowdy and Jason Chaffetz on nationally televised hearings before Congress; Social Media burns you in effigy morning, noon and night, twenty-four hours a day, everyday; and if Clinton by some flux of a sick joke becomes president, you’re forced to keep ‘living the lie…’

Would you want this to be your life? Indeed, I should think not.

Perhaps it is all these plausible scenarios have converged into one big reason that would explain why Comey may have just decided to “Burn the Witch…”

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