BROKEN JUSTICE: Is It Time for Judicial Reform?

Our justice system has survived for over two centuries in the United States but has the last three months indicated it’s time for a change?

With the last ruling, preventing President Trump from doing his job to keep Americans safe, once again, it looks as though its time for the Legislative and Executive branches to address the situation of Judicial Activism within our court systems as politically motivated judges are abusing their powers. In this case, Judge Watson, like Judge Robart, are endangering Americans needlessly to promote some political agenda rather than upholding their duty to uphold the laws of our country.

This is the actual law that both judges should have upheld rather than their political spin-doctoring:

As you can see it clearly states the President is within his duty and right to issue such a ban and the last four presidents did so unmolested by lawyers and the court system. This is a clear cut illustration of judicial activism that should be illegal in our justice system.

Ideology and Politics have no place in the Law

As you see in the Law, the President is well within his right as prescribed by our Constitution to keep the citizenry safe from outside hostile agents. In fact, this is one area the Founding Fathers supported for the Federal Government level. In reality, the Federal level is only meant to do this – and it is states that are responsible for local governance. Therefore, Watson and Robart are merely usurping the government’s duty to the people and obliterating the Constitution!

If our laws don’t matter, do we even need judges or a court system anymore?

After reading through the Watson Opinion, it is found to be not based in any case law or precedent, but a political statement based on inference and bias on the judge’s part. Hence, the law is not even a consideration when, if he were doing his job, it would be paramount to anything else. The only thing Watson did yesterday was further undermine our legal system and the people’s faith in that system, which was already severely damaged last summer when Hillary Clinton’s case proved there’s a two-tier justice in America. And another indication show is that the liberal corruption has permeated our entire government, showing we must purge all three branches of this criminality once and for all.

Judges on the take are not strangers in our system of jurisprudence, yet it is rare to see them brought to justice unless under extreme circumstance. If we can’t trust judges to do their jobs in unbiased and apolitical manner, then we have no real justice system based on laws. If President Trump is really serious about making America great again, this is an area he will need to seek reformation as the people should have legal recourse against judges who choose politics over law.

Does this mean white people will be more subject to more prosecutions and harsher sentencing from now on than anyone else now?

As it would seem from yesterday’s ruling, Americans in general have no protection under our justice system, hence the above statement is not too far outlandish as it would’ve been, say two to three decades ago. People no longer feel the justice system is just, fair or impartial – all things that we would think it would be given what most have been taught about the third branch of our governance. This isn’t a justice system; it is chaos with two political ideologies fighting to trump the other.

In fact, if you think about the reverse racism that’s impregnated our society, we may see harsher sentencing and greater conviction rates in the future for white offenders verses other ethnics offenders based on their ‘white privilege.’ This leads the people to seriously distrust and, in turn, rebel against our jurisprudence rather than respect it’s process.

The oath all government employees and servants take is one that has been ensconced in our society for centuries and is not difficult to ascertain. “Uphold the Constitution.” Nowhere in this oath does it say, “If it fits your political world view.” Perhaps it’s time to address judicial term limits and stringent recourse for judges who do not uphold their oath of office. Congress has not traditionally intervened; however, if we are to remain a Republic, then its time for all branches to uphold the Constitution without any political bias.

All this nefarious judge did yesterday was further show Americans just how corruption has continued to shove politics down our throats instead of our justice system doing it’s mandated job – which is to uphold American Laws without prejudice. Perhaps now its time for us to be prejudice against the justice system until it’s fixed and works as it was meant to work!

Until then, should anything occur from this restraining order that hurts any American, shouldn’t Judge Watson be personally accountable for said incident? Shouldn’t he also be held to the same legal backlash anyone else would be held to? Meaning, shouldn’t the people be allowed to sue him and the state of Hawaii for any damage or loss. If judges are going to endanger our lives, then yes, they should be held accountable for it!

We didn’t vote for the judges and they are not meant to represent the people — that’s the President’s job. Isn’t it time they stopped trying to be President?

You be the judge.

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