BREAKING: We Have Lost A True Hero

Many of you remember during the GOP primary, Larry Lindsey, delegate from Colorado burned his membership card in protest of the ‘rigged’ caucus in Colorado. He drove all the way to vote for Mr. Donald Trump and was turned away because Ted Cruz had already locked up the caucus with a backroom deal.

It has come to our attention that Mr. Lindsey, a former Marine, passed away last night (December 17th) in Colorado after fighting long and hard for Trump to win the election. He was a true patriot who believed in what America stands for – what he fought for as a Marine and as a private citizen.

While we don’t know Mr. Lindsey personally, our hearts and prayers go out to his family during this grave loss. We know there is a star burning bright in the heavens tonight as a true hero has left us for his next place. At this time, we have been unable to locate his obituary; however, this is the link to the Facebook announcement of his passing.

Thank you for reminding us what true patriotism is all about and how to fight against all unspeakable odds to prevail and prosper. May America not forget your contribution to the 2016 election. Without you and everyone who played a part, the outcome would never have been so sweet!

Semper Fi, Sir.

Video of Mr. Lindsey’s protest:

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