BREAKING: Clapper Confirms Report NOT Intel Comm

NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, DC: In a phone call tonight between DNI Director James Clapper and President Elect Donald Trump, he conveyed his concern over leaks within the Intelligent Community and also sees it as a breach in our National Security, to

Furthermore, Clapper confirmed to Trump the dossier reported on by CNN and Buzzfeed is not a product of the Intelligence Community. He stated it was generated by an Intel-for-hire firm out of London.

As many know from all the information on this 35-page report swirling the Net today, somewhere GOP Political Pundit, Rick Wilson, is somehow involved in this situation, leaving us to wonder just what was the actual focus of this report and it’s objective.

On the Sean Hannity show tonight, Trump’s long-time friend and attorney, Michael Cohen was interviewed. The report stated he was in Prague in August/September 2016 and he presented his passport. While not shown on television due to privacy reasons, it was confirmed that he has never even been to Prague nor was he out of the country during the timeframe in question. This was also verified this morning by Trump at his 11:00am press conference at Trump Towers.

Additionally, CNN’s Jake Tapper tried walk back the Cohen snafu by saying there was another Michael Cohen that was mistaken for Trump’s attorney. Like Cohen said to Hannity, “It’s a good thing that CNN confirmed there’s more than just one Michael Cohen in the world.”

Where did this alleged Russian Intel Dossier come from? Who really is responsible for hiring the firm to create it? But more importantly, why?


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