Progressive Racism

Progressive Racism takes an honest look at the relationship between Liberalism and Racism in American culture. Penned by David Horowitz, this well organized book contains arguments and substantiating examples of how this relationship has been a long-running theme within Liberals’ efforts to divide America into racial compartments, while pitting one against the others.

This tapestry has been weaving since Reconstruction and continues to this day – from the KKK formation in the 1800s to the current day Black Lives Matter groups, the Liberals continue to propagate a dangerous propaganda that continues to weave it’s ugly threads throughout our society. Hence, this nefarious interwoven relationship has wrongly galvanized the Democrat party as some social justice warrior team rather than the race baiting they truly are to the public.

Horowitz admits he was once a part of the Liberal raiders of the Sixties; however, through a personal evolution, he began to see the belief systems he held – or rather the affiliations to the Liberal regime — became apparently corrupt and wrongfully accused conservatives for racism in America. He points out that profiteers like former president Bill Clinton, often engaged in monologues rather than dialogues – as racism to them is a one-way proposition.

Furthermore, he points out the reality of how these one-way conversations coalesce into misinformation among racial groups as well as the damage they inflict on them, both external and internal. In essence, Horowitz readily admits it robs many, especially within the Black communities, of ambition to work for achievement rather than relying on such measures as Affirmative Action to gain upward mobility.

For example, by placing minorities in a quota system on an education level, often times, students are ill-prepared for collegiate life because they lack the skills to study and create well-written summations of their learning experiences. Therefore, they are set up by the Liberals’ feel-good legislature to fail in such environments like academia. The retention rates of minorities ill-equipped is low due to frustration and subject failures.

Much like Hoover Institute economist, Thomas Sowell, Horowitz makes an argument against the legislature that has exacted a tourniquet around the necks of Black youths by the indoctrination of misinformed mind-set that others are discriminating against them when, in fact, they are given many more advantages over other minorities in America’s culture – as a result of do-gooders who do more harm than actual good.

The biggest question he raises that provokes much thought is: With all their advantages, they continue to complain about injustice – so when will they ever be satisfied?

In general, Progressive Racism is written in such a manner that it doesn’t take an advanced degree to read and boils it down with historical facts to demonstrate the tumultuous relationship between races in our culture. It is worth reading in order to understand the hidden language of Liberals as they continue misinforming and creating subterfuge in the name of power over minorities – creating a Welfare Plantation.  Using his personal experiences, also demonstrates how racism is not just a white issue but all races practice racism against others – including within the black communities. This assessment runs counter to everything you’ve heard in the narratives painted by the Democrat party as well as some GOP Elites in our government structure.

As we head towards the November election, it is good to realize the world being pulled over our eyes by the rhetoric of our Progressive Racism underbelly in order to vote more responsibly and wisely.

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