Weed Blame Misplaced

A lot of states are having a hissy right now after Attorney General Jeff Sessions came out during the first week of 2018 and said he was overturning the “look the other way” policy of the Obama years concerning the illegality of marijuana. Even Colorado Republican, Cory Gardner has threatened to hold up judicial confirmations until something is done with Session’s audacity to enforce federal law.

While many states have voted for use of medical marijuana, last New Year’s Day saw the recreational use go into effect in California – joining Washington and Colorado. All of this was made possible due to the above said turn away from the DOJ. However, the federal government has yet to make marijuana legal so it’s still a felony.

The only problem here is, the blame game is sadly misplaced on Sessions when the real culprit for this sudden turnaround is none other than CNN.

Even stoners stoned out of their gourdes know to keep it on the down low…

On New Year’s Eve, in their show, CNN’s Rocky Mountain High correspondent, Randi Kaye, made a big to do about the legalized marijuana in Colorado. The segment was even billed as being on the “Pot Bus.”

Not only did she wear hideously obnoxious weed earrings, she smoked cannabis and demonstrated a gas mask bong on national television! While she might have thought she was being too cool for school, what she did was put this issue in the public limelight – reminding the world that while federally it’s illegal, states were thumbing their noses up at the Feds.

Considering all the recent uproar over Sanctuary Cities and States, this was probably not the time to show, once again, state defiance on the part of said areas. Instead, it might have been better to just do one issue at a time. However, Kaye’s brazen display of felonious acts on camera, made it pretty hard for the AG to ignore.

It was like throwing a red flag up in front of a bull’s face and then not expecting it to react. Why state legislators aren’t realizing that it was the Fake News Pimps and Pimpets that have caused their woes is beyond comprehension.

So the next time you hear one of these Republicans rear up about Sessions, it might not be a bad idea to remind them that it was CNN and Ms. Kaye who brought this into central focus. This way, the blame will go where it rightly belongs!

CNN just can’t help themselves – they want to be the news not report it! As for Hill people like Gardner, perhaps his time would be better used to finally pen a bill for federally sanctioned marijuana for medical reasons as opposed to publicly throwing fits and threatening to keep judicial activist benches from having constitutional jurists appointed!

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