Bill Clinton-Child Rapist? Accuser was 17!

How can Hillary Clinton claim she’s an advocate of women when she emboldens such sexual deviance in her own home?

Known for his sexual exploits, this seems a bit of a precarious thing for the former president, Bill Clinton, has been the nexus of several sexual scandals throughout the years. This reputation badly marred his presidency as information surfaced about his extramarital conquests with many women as well as famed White House inter, Monica Lewinsky. Though he was acquitted after his impeachment, he still permanent lost his bar license for the incident. Since that time, many more have come forward with tales of rape and uninvited sexual advances as well as Hillary’s demonization of his victims to shut them down before the public learned all the sordid details of his attacks.

The Political Insider published an article about, Virginia Roberts, one of the sex slaves from Epstein’s island whom confirmed Clinton’s visit from the early 2000s as well as the lascivious activities that were of the common fare. The accusations encompass the sex slavery trade has all the earmarks of yet another soap opera dram that continues to swirl around the Clintons much like flies swarm a putrid corpse.

Roberts accused Epstein of introducing her forcibly into the sex slave trade industry when she was only 15 years old through his former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. She claims Epstein forced underaged girls into sexual orgies with these men in order to gain blackmail information on high-powered executives and government agents for later use — such as leniency in any future criminal matters or leverage in a business situation.

“…Bubba was accompanied by two of Epstein’s regular girlfriends and “two young girls that I could identify,” Roberts claimed. (From The Political Insider)

Additionally, Roberts also confirms the stories that in 2002, Bill Clinton stayed in one of the island’s bungalows for a number of days and was accompanied by two young girls from the island in addition to the two from New York whom she didn’t know at all. When she question Epstein about his presence, he told her Clinton owed him favors but didn’t elaborate further.

Donald Trump has also been accused, but the allegations fail to add up. Yes, there was a legal filing, as has been reported. Now for what is not being reported. That “legal filing” is actually a civil suit that was already THROWN OUT of a court in California, where the “victim” was made to pay her own court costs and attorney fees. So they filed again in New York. But this time they “fail” to provide certificate of service, so the preliminary hearing is delayed a month, to be sure to keep the lawsuit alive as close to the election date as possible.

A first year law student would not make that mistake unless he deliberately wanted a delay of the case, but still wanted it filed. This “legal filing” is from a woman who had 22 years to come forward and didn’t. Why is this a civil case and not a criminal one? Because it would be a crime for her to make a false police report, whereas malicious prosecution of a civil case is merely a civil tort. There is ZERO corroboration of her story.

Whereas it is proven that Clinton made several trips on Epstein’s plane (26), with flight passenger manifests containing only first names (such as “Tatiana”), and apparently he dismissed his secret security detail on at least 5 flights, without filing the necessary paperwork to do so. There is no proof on either side, but a HELL of a lot more smoke on Clinton’s.

Recently, the FBI Insider informs us there has been much talk about an incident that occurred mored recently, stating that Clinton engaged in the same type of group sex activity with two 14 year-old Thai girls on a trip to the Thailand region in 2014. While this information has not been made public, it’s slated to be released in the very near future.

Though investigation is on-going, it further verifies the predatory and deviant behaviors of the former president as well as give us a glimpse as to the continuation of sex scandals we can expect with a Hillary Clinton administration should she secure the White House in November. Additionally, this new recent story breaking on the day of the second presidential debate is most disturbing as controversy sleaze continues as she prepares to face off against Trump after failing to demonizing him with a tape her campaign leaked to the Washington Post last Friday.

Question: Doesn’t it seem strange that the MSM doesn’t cover these stories or are they afraid of offending their audiences? Furthermore, is this the kind of lurid behavior you want from our First Family?

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