BIG MYTH or REALITY: First 100

Many in and out of DC are anxiously awaiting to judge Donald Trump on his first 100 days with bated breath but is this timeline really just a myth?

The first 100 day meme began with Franklin D. Roosevelt when he was elected in 1932. We have to remember, at the time, the Great Depression had been hanging on since 1929’s big stock market crash when run on banks became common place and people all over America were grappling, unable to find jobs. Unemployment lines were lengthy and prices were staggering (for the time) leaving many Americans at wits end.

While we have pretty much the same thing now short of a huge stock crash, the country is in dire straits with a stunning 95M unemployment number still hanging like a black cloud over our economy. Therefore, when FDR took office, he had both a Congress and Senate more than willing to try his ‘just try it’ attitude in order to fix the dismal situation – this being a stark contrast of what we have now.

Anyone studying Politics or History can tell you moving legislation and creating laws (or undoing bad ones) takes time. Unlike FDR, Trump is dealing with a RINO Speaker who has many ideas of his own and for some reason, believes he’s on equal par with the future president. Contrary to Trump’s situation, Speaker of the House, Rep. Henry Rainey (D) was more than willing to work with him on fixing the ills of Middle Class Americans. Both houses realized the blight in America and were dedicated in fixing the issues; therefore, they remained fairly pliable in helping legislation move quickly.

Conversely, Trump is unfortunately stuck with Speaker Paul Ryan (R) – a person whom is not as gratuitous as Rainey; this was demonstratively evident from his pre-election banter and constant naysaying of his own party’s candidate. Ryan has made it no secret he has his own agenda for many things that grossly conflict with Trump. The fact he wants to grant amnesty to millions of illegals while ushering in countless unvetted refugees into the country when so many Americans are desperately trying to survive, is a strong indication he is no Rainey. He seems to miss the memos showing the real unemployment plight and the fact that many are having to work two or three jobs to make what they used to make in one, leaving them less time with their families.

His Pollyannic view of America lacks any grasp on reality or perhaps, he simply doesn’t care. Either way, he is not going to be in complete complicity with Trump’s agenda as he claimed on Sean Hannity last Friday night. Ryan will always be Ryan first and he may squander the situation we’ve afforded the Republicans by giving them both Houses and Presidency if he doesn’t adjust his hat and get on board with the program.

Therefore, is it an unreasonable demand to expect Trump’s first 100 to be wildly spectacular? Perhaps but given what he’s accomplished on his own thus far, maybe his first days will be even better than FDR – a potentiality that drives the Media and Liberal Tears insane.

Trump has been working hard prior to inauguration demonstrates he knows he has a tough stretch to hoe after he takes oath. Now, he is using his ability to make deals to have business owners reconsider taking jobs out of the States while building a cabinet of solid professionals around him.

While some of his Generals and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are already getting some backlash from the loopy left and RINOs, they are solid people who will serve as they always have with dignity and grace. Those in opposition are creating fake objections simply to thwart Trump’s progress not help America. Knowing Trump and his team’s persuasive abilities, the confirmations will go through but some dissent will be noted for record. However, for those putting up such ridiculous resistance, what does that tell us about them? America first or hardline politics?

The election is proof we are tired of the same ole, same ole DC political milieu and we want a drastic change to occur. No more ignoring our rule of law. No more adding to a stressed population with more stress. No more gross fraud and waste. No more malarky. It’s time for the Beltway Crowd to get with the program and realize a new sheriff is in town and things will be a changin’!

As for Trump’s first 100, it will not be without its spills and chills and we may not see everything mysteriously materialize but if he doesn’t surpass FDR’s legendary 1933 record, he’ll come pretty close to it!

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