Bernie & Jane: Hypocrisy Where?

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has won over some millennials with his high talk about President Trump being a fraud; however, he’s the one whose being investigated by the FBI along with his wife, Jane, in a massive fraud investigation.

This is not new news, as it was talked about briefly over the summer and into last fall during the primary; however, like with so much these days, the MSM just swept it under the carpet and the Sanders hoped it would just go away. Perhaps Master Comey was also Bernie’s insurance police also, but being that the Big Jim is out of the FBI management game, all bets are off.

Many of you remember the whole fiasco with Burlington College in New England where she allegedly misappropriated enough money to bankrupt the school before stepping down as their president. This doesn’t bode well considering the Sanders own three homes including the notorious summer beach house purchased after he dropped out of the Democratic primary and handed the nomination over to Hillary Clinton after she and the DNC conspired to cheat him from any chance.

Furthermore, he also has a penchant for exotic sports cars and was seen driving around in a pricey red sport roadster in March 2016. Looks like Socialism works for the little people – but like Marx’s miscalculation, once again, Marxism doesn’t come without a social and class hierarchy.

No one can say Bernie walks his talk in any way as the above clearly demonstrates his words don’t jive with his reality. Funny that he were change over from Democrat to Independent when clearly he has the whole Democrat ‘act’ down pat. Do unlike others while telling them them they don’t deserve that same lifestyle and luxury for themselves. Seems a bit hypocritical but oddly enough, the millennials don’t pick up on this disconnect.

Bernie’s cool (& expensive) ride.

In fact, many young students used their ‘food’ allowances to donate to his campaign – where, when he dropped out with a wink and a nod to Hillary, no refunds were issued.

Now word is the Sanders have lawyered up in anticipation of issues stemming from the on-going FBI probe in respect to loans Jane applied for as Burlington College’s president. Therefore, while Bernie continues to rally on against President Trump, his own complicit behavior in his wife’s possible criminal behavior would seem even more hypocritical than his extravagant lifestyle as a professional socialist.

It’s a shame Bernie and Jane can’t seem to live by their own words. Its an easy assumption had they been pitching their socialism snake oil in Venezuela now, chances are they’d both be incarcerated at this point.

On a sidebar, just what does it take to be expelled from the Senate these days? We’ve had so many senators like Bernie who are under investigation, yet they’re never bad enough to be removed from office. When is enough, enough?

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