PM Margaret Thatcher Had It Right…

With all this talk about Socialism now days, it seems that many don’t truly understand the premise of the idea. Often, it’s mistaken as Marxism or Communism; however, it’s... Read more »

Reagan Showed Grace Under Fire

Back in 1976, Ronald Reagan had gone through a very heated primary with President Gerald Ford. Instead of doing what Ted Cruz (R-TX) did last night by failing to... Read more »

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The Confessions of Congressman X

The building has a way of wooing even the most cynical person as it represents our government. Second only to the White House, it emulates our sense of the... Read more »

Disturbing Precedent Retread

Most disturbing is this video posted to Alex Jones’s site, Info Wars. While it’s hard to explain, given the reputation James Comey had with legal luminaries like Rudy Giuliani,... Read more »

It’s Official…

Through Twitter, Donald J. Trump just announced that Republican Indiana Governor, Michael Pence, is his pick for Vice President running mate. In the wake of Nice’s tragedy, he said... Read more »

The Trump Card

Try as they might, you just can’t keep an average citizen down… Donald Trump is no exception. He holds above and beyond the 1237 delegates needed to secure his... Read more »

See. Bernie. Drive.

So, yesterday, I did an article about Bernie’s supporters getting very angry about their fearless leader caving in to the Big Bank, Big Wall Street and criminal candidate, Hillary... Read more »


Appetite for corruption continues… As many of my readers are already aware, it seems the big Email Scandal has yet taken another most ugly turn. On Fox News Channel’s... Read more »

Political Fodder or Dangerous Reality?

By Thornton Crowe The purpose of this article is to enlighten my many wayward friends who still sit on the fence about who they should cast their vote for... Read more »

Don’t We Have Enough Racial Tensions?

By Jillian Callahan This evening I was watching The Five on Fox News.  I watch this show on a regular basis because I really enjoy Eric Boling and Kimberly... Read more »

Political Justice?

Her job is to uphold the Constitution regardless of her personal politics. She is supposed to do her job as an apolitical person – justice being blind. As if... Read more »