Political Justice?

Her job is to uphold the Constitution regardless of her personal politics. She is supposed to do her job as an apolitical person – justice being blind. As if... Read more »

The Lynch Stonewall

By Thornton Crowe Democrats are the biggest obstruction to the right workings of our country… Watching the House of Representatives Judicial Committee hearing today, featuring Attorney General Loretta Lynch,... Read more »

Feel The Bern!

The disgusting betrayal of Bernie Sanders, backing a big bank, Wall Street and corrupt candidate like Hillary Clinton, sent his supporters reeling yesterday! Sad to see that Bernie is... Read more »

Racism Isn’t Just A White People’s Problem

By Jillian Callahan Is it racism or just a defect of character in a person no matter their color? Growing up in a rural Midwestern town, I honestly didn’t... Read more »


A week ago today five men left for work and their families saw them come home that night as they had done for many years. Thursday night that pattern... Read more »

A Time For Choosing…

Dear Friends, In such troubling times, perhaps it’s time to gain some perspective. With so little patriotic leadership in our midst, it’s time to go back to history to... Read more »

The Clinton Cash Machine

If anyone wants to venture into the international underbelly of corruptions, bribes and nefariously questionable transactions of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Peter Schweizer’s, Clinton Cash, can take you on... Read more »

Here We Go Again…

By Thornton Crowe also published on Salisbury News Well, it seems Hillary Clinton is now working diligently to romance Bernie’s kids with promises of sugar plums fairies and free... Read more »

Disturbing Precedent

Yes, it’s taken me a full day to recover from my shock and dismay about James Comey’s the nonsensical statements yesterday that’s sent the country into yet another tizzy.... Read more »

The Lynch Clinton Affair

This last week much has been said about the nefarious meeting between Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton at an Arizona air strip. Two paths that... Read more »


By Thornton Crowe As published on Salisbury News On Independence Day weekend, I thought about what this holiday’s remembrance is really all about and why it’s meaning now is... Read more »