Are you going to let President Trump be Impeached?

It’s a startling question but this is where we’re at at this point in our history. The Establishment consisting of Democrats and many Republicans who aren’t happy with our choice, are now having Robert Mueller doing their bidding for them, looking for a way to impeach our duly-elected president.

Their machinations are seen everyday. Scandals, reveals, and everything else in their brown shirt arsenal are coming at President Trump, his cabinet and staff. They are relentlessness can be seen with the vilification of General Michael Flynn which led to his taking some sham of a plea deal based on Fourth Amendment violating evidence. This shadow government is working hard to impugn our president which in essence, turns its nose up to our choice for who we wanted to run America.

Are we just going to lie down and accept this tyranny or are we going to go back to our forefathers and gain the moxie that made this country the best one in the world? We are not made of shoddy stuff so why are we allowing this minority ruin everything we’ve inherited from generations of our past?

Since taking office, everyday, President Trump has made sure he has our backs. He has worked hard with the enemy to get Tax Reform achieved, saved monuments and halted federal overreach like today in Utah and he’s showed up for rallies and other important events while making us proud as he tours the other parts of the world, promoting the idea that all countries should serve their homelands’ best interests.

We have seldom heard him complain about what he ‘inherited’ from the previous disaster of a president, even though that one is following Trump throughout the world, badmouthing Americans and our choice to lead our country.

Let’s face it, he’s had our backs and best interests every step of the way, so are we going to throw him to the wolves who only want to make us into numbers without humanity?

People, while I know it’s a scary thought to entertain, we cannot let President Trump down – he hasn’t given us a reason to do so. However, the shadow government like Chuck Schumer, David Brock and the Clintons have given us many reasons to reject their whims!

It really will boil down to us because it’s clear Jeff Sessions isn’t planning to shut this farce down – even though it’s violating our Constitution in more ways than one.

The big takeaway from the Flynn situation is the fact that Robert Mueller isn’t a Special Counsel, he’s a man who was sent to impeach our President by any means necessary. Are we really going to let this happen?

It’s up to each of us to decide just how much is enough!

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