Are We Pawns?

Societal manipulation has been around as long as societies have been on this earth. It’s not uncommon for a hierarchy to develop, even within the most primitive tribes where no social order appears to exist. As modernization has permeated most of the world, the hierarchies have become more complex; thus, they have become a mainstay of our society regardless of our country.

One of the most integral parts of society’s elite class is the ability to hold others down through manipulation. Most of this manipulation is not overt or explicit but rather subvert. It is in the form of framing incidents and events to bring out the desired effect or psychological responses within the eyes of the beholder. The Subliminal Seduction, if you will, that permeates the sub-conscience and invokes an emotional response. Master manipulators are highly versed in this ability to spin a tale and have the world believe their guise.

This video by Anonymous was sent to me by one of my sources. Interesting to see this vivid collection that when put together, it would seem the American public is being viciously played to forward a much bigger agenda that just a presidential election. There’s an all out assault on America and the way our country has existed for over 240 years. The video is worth your time investment to see just how things are being skewed through the media and within the DC elite class to alter your perceptions and reactions to the chaos swirling around you.

As it would seem, all of America is under a hack attack and it’s time we woke up to this inconvenient truth.

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