Are We Being Left Out of the Loop?

Disturbing patterns are starting to emerge after the Chelsea Bombing in New York City and the prior in Seaside, NJ on the same day. It seems the mainstream media has stopped reporting important incidents of terror happening on American soil – and it appears more and more, folks have to turn to alternative sources to get their news.

It’s the news media’s responsibility to report news and special alerts. People’s lives could be in grave danger, and having the knowledge of where to avoid is pertinent information that every citizen should know before leaving their homes or offices.

We decided to take a couple polls about two little-known incidents of terror on our soil. One was in Washington State, the other in Utah. Here’s what we found.

Last Monday in a small town, Eagle Mountain, Utah, a jihad terrorist entered an elementary school, claiming he had a car loaded up with bombs parked right outside the school. He told the office to evacuate the children immediately. Even though local law enforcement contacted the National Guard (whom came) along with the SWAT team, the mainstream media failed to deliver the news to the public.

No 24/7 coverage, no pre-empted commercials or talking head Trump bashing shows. Nothing. If it weren’t for a neighbor across the street from the school, streaming a live feed on her Facebook page and being aired on Russian Times (RT), most Americans would have been completely oblivious to this event.

The Poll:

Utah Bomb Threat – Last Monday Poll.

When asked where respondents found out about this bomb threat, they unanimously and resoundingly stated Twitter and Facebook. Not MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, or Fox News; in fact, not even print news like the New York Times and Washington Post weren’t mentioned at all. And look at how many didn’t know about the bomb threat at all… 67% is two-thirds of the people. Now this is staggering to imagine. Think about it, if two-thirds of New York didn’t know about the Saturday night event, what would be the potential catastrophe as a result?

Last Friday night, a mall shooting occurred in Burlington, Washington at the Cascade shopping center. A lone gunman walked in and started shooting in a Macy’s Cosmetic Department screaming “Allah Akbar”. He killed five people – four women, one man. While it was reported on the local news, we wanted to see if people throughout the country were in the dark about it because, while watching Fox, there was no mention of it.  Here’s what we found.

The Poll:

Shooting at the Washington Mall Poll.

From the respondents, while 84% said yes they were aware, when they commented, most said they first learned about it from Twitter. Again the usual media suspects were demonstratively absent with the exception of one person who said she learned through a Fox News Alert that flashed on her cellphone but not until very late that night. The incident happened at 10:00ish PST.

While Eagle Mountain is a small mountain community, it was an elementary school on a Monday afternoon 2:00pm Central time, the Friday night situation was in a hub close to Seattle. Most metropolitan area malls are filled on Friday with shoppers and people wanting to get out of the house. Therefore, this is particularly disconcerting given the possible collateral loss of life due to not informing the public timely.

In the Friday night situation, first reported was the perpetrator was Hispanic when in fact he’s from Turkey and is a radicalize Islamist. It wasn’t until the following morning when the fifth person died and a manhunt was underway did the mainstream media jump on the ‘news bandwagon’ and start even mentioning it.

The result also indicates another thing – Social Media may be saving people’s lives more than our media. Rather ironic is, the week prior, FBI Director James Comey whined that social media was hurting his ‘mojo’ by circulating what he termed ‘false narratives [sic]’ to people, thus, causing them to have wrong perceptions about what happened with the nefarious Clinton Email Investigation. It would seem, his whine was in vain as the Observer‘s John Schneider penned an article that only verified many people’s suspicions about the whole FBI investigation being a ‘scam.’  Therefore, is it really passing along bad information?

Is the media being derelict or have they been instructed by someone in power to not speak of these incidents if at all possible because they fuel Trump’s call to face our true enemy not be diverted by the Left-funded racist upheaval (both of which deserve attention and understanding.)

Given our inability to trust the major news outlets, it’s anyone’s guess. The events from the last week certainly is not a good indication they’re reliable sources for breaking news any longer – unless, that is, it’s in places they care about like New York City; the place where they are located.

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