Are Democrats diminishing the US with countries like Russia?

We all know it’s about political theater but the Democrats may have crossed the line at this point with their political banter about Russia. Vladimir Putin doesn’t find their name-blame game funny and neither do others around the world. Democrats have done this purely for political reasons only.

The lunatic fringe of the Left has even gone as so far as to label Trump as a Russian agent – thus, further damaging our credibility. Frankly, no one is amused with all the excuses and Tom Foolery…

Is it right for the Democrats to put our country in dire straits with other countries merely because they cannot accept their multiple losses? No. Yet they continue to forge these paths towards nothingness while taking down America in the process.

Truth: Hillary Clinton was a horrific candidate – something they need to embrace and move on with because blaming Russia has done nothing to further their cause. If anything, it has further marginalized them and left them nascent without any merit whatsoever. Their liberal temper tantrums have resulted in weakening America’s stance throughout the world and they have no one to blame but themselves.

They were the ones who cheated to get her the nomination – and when she lost, they should own their failure to launch. Instead, their endless denials only makes them look asinine and inept.

While it’s not uncommon for foreign governments to attempt to meddle in other country elections, the success rate for such actions is usually miniscule at best. Even the Obama Administration and Clinton sought to influence elections in Russia and Israel, using billions of taxpayer money to do so; therefore, to point the finger at Russia after-the-fact is ridiculously inane and immature balderdash.

The Democrats lack of potency isn’t Russia’s fault – or any other country for that matter. Yet, we all are victims of the after-shocks due to their charges against Putin’s administration for their loss.

If memory serves, wasn’t it Hillary who sold the Russians 20% of our Uranium in her pay-to-play quid pro quo when she was Secretary of State? Wasn’t she also involved other dealings which led to hubby getting a whopping $500,000 for speeches in Russia? So who’s in bed with Moscow? It would seem the Clintons and their foundation are more culpable for any dark shadow, hijinx relationship with Russia than anyone else in the political scene.

Don’t forget, it was the Clintons who also gave North Korea and India nuclear capabilities — something no one else can claim credit to — and look what that’s doing to the world right now! It would seem the Democrats should stand down quickly because the yarn is unraveling every time they point towards this fabrication designed to subvert.

Do you wonder why President Trump faces so many trials everyday on the world stage? This is one of many – the leaks being another – which are all orchestrated by the Left in an attempt to reclaim they power they feel they’re deserved. Informed citizens understand these dynamics but it’s lost on the causal witness who only dedicates a few moments each day to what’s going on in the world.

It’s probably a good rule of thumb for us to ignore these fake news antics and move on to what is truly important to us: Jobs. Healthcare. Tax Reform. Wall. Because the Left is trying like all get out to divert our attention, they are quashing our world presence severely.

Isn’t it time this kind of political disingenuous behavior be stopped once and for all?

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