Anyone Ever Heard of Herman Cain?

Go back to the Primary 2012 for the GOP… A black man by the name of Herman Cain ran against many establishment figures for the GOP nomination. I’m sure you all remember him… He’s now talking on Donald Trump’s behalf.

Funny (or not so funny) thing happened to Cain in his bid for the nomination. Out of nowhere, women came forward, claiming that he had behaved sexually inappropriate! Sound familiar? It got very ugly. Got so ugly, Cain ended up leaving the primary amidst these charges.

While out of the limelight, what happened to all these women is a mystery as almost with as much enigma that they entered stage left, they disappeared from the limelight, press coverage and our lives almost as abruptly.

What was her purpose? Do I need to state the obvious? Think it’s pretty clear, don’t you? We couldn’t have two prominent black men running for both parties – meeting head-to-head on real even playing field, now could we? I mean, after all, how would we sell people on “if you don’t vote for Obama, you’re a racist” meme if the GOP contender is also a black man?

Yes, like Trump’s current situation, this was all last minute, big New York Times/Washington Post news that just disappeared as fast as lightening. So much for social justice warrioring.

Yet, with no resolve, nobody even cared to conjecture what really happened… Nor did anyone really care.

Now, four women – some with close connections to Hillary Clinton and  others with ‘checkered’ pasts – have sprung forth after Trump brought real Bill Clinton victims to the second presidential debate. They just popped up – after over a year of the primaries and General Election rigamoroll, they all have come forth and talked to the reputable [sic] New York Times to tell their tales of woes.

I warned readers a couple weeks back that as we got closer to the election, the Democrat (and now GOPe) machine would be moving in full force to demonize and vilify Trump. Why? Because his policies make sense — and he has them in the first place. No empty platitudes are usual campaign schmultz we’re all so used to hearing from professional slicksters with their fancy signs and ‘talking points.’ No, Trump is America. And this is very dangerous to the political class in DC.

Furthermore, I warned you all that many careers would crash and burn during this election. As it would seem, so are many organizations like Media – as they’ve lost most of their former credibility with most Americans. And for what?

Once again, I remind you, my fellow Americans, that this is a ruse to keep you from really getting to the matters at hand. It’s a way to provide some subterfuge for the Wikileaks disaster unfolding as each 1K e-mails dumps for all to see. And the Clinton is not alone in her run for cover as we’ve seen from the leaks – the MSM has much to be held responsible for as they’ve sold Americans a bag of bad goods for a seriously long time.

Shouldn’t we remember the lessons from Herman Cain’s experience as it has much to provide us and, better yet, learn from them? For all we know, we may have very likely missed out on having a great last four years, had he been our president. For all we know, our country may look very different today had the Media not promoted false accusations from mystery agents… At this point, we’ll never know.  I think it’s safe to say, after the disaster of Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan, Cain would’ve been a much better contender for Barack Obama in 2012. In fact, Cain may very likely would’ve won the presidency.

Isn’t it time, we wake up and smell the political spin? Americans are smarter than Democrats, MSM or GOPe would like to admit. They’ve treated us for so long as if we’re morons, deplorables, rednecks, losers and every other name they’ve called us during this cycle.

November 8th, let’s show what true Americans are made of — remember our founding fathers.  Let’s go full Washington/Jefferson on them! It’s time we stopped messing around and start taking this seriously as our country’s future is at stake!

Carry on and vote responsibly.

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