Anthony Scaramucci Enters Stage Left…

A new day has dawned in the White House Communications department as a forthright direct boss takes over with stunning candor and forthrightness few press people will be able to shake.

For those following business and stock trends on Fox Business, Anthony Scaramucci is no stranger. He has provided talking points and anchored a show on the business network for years; therefore, he’s not a complete novice when it comes to the area of communications.

During the campaign, President Trump often had Scaramucci as a spokesperson for various shows in order to forward his message to those who weren’t fortunate enough to see him in the rally settings and the new Communications Director for the White House, managed to succinctly deliver with consistency. He knows how the news cycle works and how the press can often portend a truculence most would find rude and crass.

At yesterday’s briefing, he made his first appearance in is new capacity and delivered his objective for shaping the messages without skipping a beat. Scaramucci demonstrated a professionalism that goes well beyond some of the hot moments we’ve seen in the past few months, handling the press with ease and candor. His refusal to answer hypotheticals while delivering the reasoning behind his refusal was eloquent to say the least, illustrating his ability to handle tough questions without emotionality and verbado.

He’s a straight-talking New Yorker, spoken with a tinge of the city’s accent who is a successful American entrepreneur and legally trained at Harvard. Much like the President, he doesn’t mince words or follow the press down their insidious fake news rabbit holes. Instead, he brings them back to base camp one without belittling or grade school teacher tactics. His graciousness endearing, he brings to the podium a very different temperate change that demonstrates what we can expect from the White House Communications team with him at the helm.

In the following press briefing, you can see for yourself how things will change within the White House’s delivery to the Press and the American people. His adoration and support for our President and our decision to make him President, is pointedly clear and it leaves little if any speculation as to his base motive and allegiance. He is consummately dedicated to delivering the messages honestly without taking nonsensical rubbish from a press that he admits is bias against our elected President.

Welcome to Anthony Scaramucci and we all look forward to hearing more from him and our favorite just appointed to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

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