Another Holiday, Another Clinton Scandal

True to form, it seems holiday weekends seem to be the timing of choice for revelations in the on-going scandals concerning Hillary Clinton’s misdeeds. Perhaps the powers that be hope we’ll forget over the long weekends, but they should know right now, anything related to the Clinton Foundation and email server scandal will not soon fade in our memories as more facts keep coming out.

The latest is the “I don’t recall” interview with the FBI on July 2nd, where Clinton basically claimed her concussion made it impossible for her to recall briefings on handling classified information. Guess there are some die-hard fans that will believe this nonsense; however, as many can recall her swearing in rallies and interviews with Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,  she had full command of her faculties. Maybe she never thought the world would see the interview notes or maybe, she just didn’t care, but her excuses and outright lies to Americans are more apparent now than ever before.

In fact, during many occasions including those in front of the Benghazi Committee, Clinton reaffirmed many times over that she knew what classified information was and that she neither sent nor received any classified emails to her private server. She also stated she had only one device and now, we find through her interview with the FBI, she had thirteen Blackberries (which she lost with classified emails on them) and several iPads and more than two servers. Her way of destroying what cellphones she didn’t lose was by smashing them with a hammer. All actions were explicitly in violation of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regulations without question!

At last tally, Hillary Clinton told the FBI 40 times that she couldn’t recall any briefings or how her email server was set up. Yet, we are to believe she’s competent to hold the highest office in the land? I would say not. Anyone with such a diminished capacity has no business running for the presidency. Nor does it bode well for her with most of America.

Her poll numbers have been on a steady decline as more traction is found with the pay to play politics and access to government her donors have enjoyed while she was Secretary of State. The evidence is so blatant it would take a mute not to see the corruption in a cause and effect pattern between deeds and speaking fees paid to her husband, former president Bill Clinton.

As seen in the documentary, Clinton Cash, the evidence is clear and without question so the latest reveals are just more par for the course with the Clintons’ business as usual with subversion and continual denials. They’ve gotten to the point where they don’t even attempt to hide their misdeeds because America has let them get away with every trick in the book thus far. However, is their luck running out?

Don’t forget, while many Americans have lost respect for the FBI, they still have six other investigations that are on-going in New York, Little Rock and DC with the US Attorney’s Offices in those districts. Unfortunately, they had to go this route due to the Department of Justice shutting down investigations on the Clinton Foundation. The final decision came down from Attorney General Loretta Lynch in the middle of August. These investigations are bringing many elements together and all spearheaded in a joint operation between the agency and prosecutors in those districts.

Former Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has demanded for FBI Director James B. Comey to step down due to the recent developments because, he believes Clinton’s lying to authorities should be acted on immediately and feels the director’s decision not to recommend criminal charges was politically motivated. Understanding Perry’s stance, it would be more advantageous to hold off and see what he (Comey) has in the works with NY District’s Preet Bharara before bringing down the axe just yet. They had been in contact for several months prior to Clinton’s interview and are still moving forward with whatever they had going prior to his statements on July 5th.

At no point in election history has any one candidate had so much scandal and investigations going on while running for the Presidency. While she’s not the first woman to run for president, Clinton is by far the most investigated! The shroud of scandal that surrounds her is just too hard to ignore, even for her most staunch supporters as the evidence continues to mount.

Let’s see what the upcoming weeks yields as surely, it will be anything but boring… Remember Columbus Day is another long weekend coming up!

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