And So It Begins…

Last week, we learned the FBI is now investigating Clinton Foundations with three local US Attorneys offices – Washington, DC, Little Rock, Arkansas and New York City. The move was a bold ‘go for it’ moment of the week after Lynch and the DOJ shut the investigation down on the federal level. Incidentally, word on the street is Comey has been talking to Bharara, US Attorney for South District in New York for a few months, but it’s unconfirmed at this time. However, it wouldn’t be at all surprising given Lynch’s efforts to thwart the agency’s efforts during the email server investigation which cast a shroud over the FBI’s credibility after the director’s shocking statements in July.

Friday’s big news was not only did Paul Manafort issue his resignation to Donald Trump in the wake of the Ukrainian connection suspicions (ginned up by Democrats no less) it looks as though karma is taking a steep turn. While the FBI announced it has opened an investigation of Manafort’s firm, on Saturday, they also opened one on a Clinton insider’s lobbying firm.

John Podesta, Clinton campaign CEO (Manafort’s counterpart,) is now under investigation for possible corruption charges for his ties to former Ukraine president, Yiktor Yanukovych as well as his ties to the Russian uranium deal. Like I said, ‘karma.’

This interesting turn demonstrates the vast investigation underway right now with the Clinton Foundation at the nucleus of the whole storm. Call it the eye of the hurricane for the moment, Hillary Clinton’s dealings while Secretary of State are forever intertwined with suspiciously high speaking fees for Bill Clinton in places like the Ukraine and other countries who received special favors and access during her tenure.

Of course, like the MSM blunderers they are, once again, rendered absolutely useless for hearing any real news about this situation. They continue to ignore, subvert and gloss over the Clintons’ criminality due to their obvious disdain towards Donald Trump.

As illustrated in Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer, the network evolution of Clinton’s quid pro quo system of running favors for money is no longer a state secret; however, it looks like now, it’s in some very formidable cross-hairs with Comey and the FBI. While there’s a full gag in place, no sources are talking about the investigation – from the top down. Yet, now people like Podesta whom had close dealings with Clinton and the Foundation are starting to have their own backyards put under the microscope.

In a side bar but pertinent note, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has stated the next trove of email leaks will contain enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton. Could they be about the Clinton Foundation? Or perhaps emails ‘from’ the Foundation itself. It’s really a matter of time and we’ll all know the truth.

The former president perhaps spoke too soon when he began chastising¬† Comey and it looks as though he’s put a big red, shiny bull’s eye on his own forehead in doing so.

Ah, the big corruption – it’s getting to the point where everything about the Clintons is corrupt — so much so that if you look up it in Webster’s Dictionary, you’ll see their family portrait as an example of the word.

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