And now, Our President Trump is BACK!

Refreshing to see our man Donald Trump is back in rare form…

As I watched the Arizona Rally last night, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride as, now our President Trump, lit the world with his fiery rhetoric much like his primary days of old. He was in stellar form as he drilled down the many Fake News candors that most have long forgotten.

From his bouts with Charlottesville to his supposed Russian connect, President Trump reminded us all why we came to vote for him to be our President. It was a moment of glory reclaimed after being ‘handled’ for so many months. He had a roughian cadence that no one could possible follow.

In his searing speech, he alluded to the upcoming pardon for our favorite Sheriff Joe Arpaio but claimed he wouldn’t be definitive because “I don’t want to cause a big controversy…” But rest assured, the good Sheriff will never suffer the ills of Soros’s big plot to persecute for following the Constitution or Federal Immigration laws!

Another dump was his commentary – or rather horse whipping – of the mainstream media along with their fake news. Yes, Twitter storms abound, he has circled all his wagons and foiled their cunning attempts to deceive the American public by pointing out the obvious underpinnings of a plot to usurp us, the American People!

The horse whip wasn’t just for MSM but Congress and the Senate also got their flogging as well. It was an amusing ride but this is something we should all watch because RINO establishments and Liberal Lunatics need to be given their pink slips and shown the exit. They are damaging to our country and our spirit — they should find another playground to go horse around with their reindeer games!

In total, President Trump is estimated to have gone off-script around twenty minutes last night. Quite a difference from his teleprompter speeches since his nomination win. We saw the man who talked from the heart – as it was time we saw him resurface. (Hint: I guess that Breitbart article hit a soft spell with him… did it not?)

All in all, the speech was a smashing success – even when he gave Fox News over indulgence as their own quagmire has been abysmal disaster since Roger left the top spot. However, true to form, this morning during Fox & Friends, they revealed the glimmer of true grit and in a passive/aggressive fashion, they soft bashed the President.

However, this being said, bashing or not, Trump (and we) is winning the good fight. Our GDP is at 2.6 (from well under 2 during the Obama Hell Years) and our market is surging with over $4T in new investment money flooding the 22K point surgings. We are seeing the economy come back to a quasi-healthy status, awaiting the tax reforms and obliteration of the disastrous Obamacare Repeal and Replace – then we will be golden. The surge will become full throttle, so everyone hold onto your hats.

On a side note, I can’t help but find fodder in the whole Mark Zuckerberg situation as I find it absolutely hilarious that he would think We the People would ever seat a clown such as himself. Who does he really believe he is? He is no Donald Trump regardless of how much cash he may have amassed from his big Facebook scam. He has brought nothing to the table for anyone but himself and would surely continue his Culture of Corruption should anyone be foolish to elect him to a political forum.

While he may be reveling in the moments of delusions now, it is assured at some point, the world will wake him up with cold stark reality! After all, we did portend the same for Hillary on multiple occasions so why he thinks he’s immune is a stunning mystery to me.

On a parting note, President Trump reaffirmed his commitment to us, the American People! He let us know with no uncertain doubt, that he was still our President and not the globalist munchkin many in the press have tried to paint him. He let us know, he’s still the man from the Tower that we elected and he shares our dream – to Make America Great Again!

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