An Inconvenient History

Many historians have conclude, based on documentation, the Civil Rights Law was another ‘forced into glory’ situation (like Lincoln) because we could not demonize other countries for lack of equality when we did not act in accordance with our own rhetoric during the Cold War. Meaning, the signing of the Civil Rights Law was a political propagandic maneuver, not a moralistic need to bring equality. Even with Civil Rights becoming law, it was not until Nixon (a Republican) who enforced it through the Supreme Court. The result was busing and school integration as well as the end of overt Jim Crow in the South. Johnson never made any gestures after the signing to actually implement the legislation; it was merely a gratuitous action.

Digging deeper into historic documentation, Democrats have a long, dark history of keeping the black community down in our society. After Lincoln was forced to sign the Emancipation Proclamation, it was the Dixiecrats that created the Klu Klux Klan as a backlash against emancipation in the late nineteenth century.  Many more contemporary Democrats stonewalled earlier Civil Rights legislation brought to the Houses by Republicans. Additionally, great black leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. were registered Republicans, yet many black leaders of late are of the mindset the Republicans are somehow against racial equality.

Personal accounts of presidential history prove presidents like Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy were racist by today’s standard. For examples, when Eleanor Roosevelt approached her husband to address the race inequality issues in the Thirties, she was flat out told to not tread in ‘those’ waters. Truman was known for using racial slurs in mixed company and made no bones about not fixing racial tensions in America during his presidency. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, held a tight control over the Million Man March and had final approval on all entertainers and speakers. Furthermore, JFK voted against the 1957 bill for Civil Rights when he served in the Senate.

As discussed in the Thomas Sowell article, the legislation like Affirmative Action, Welfare and other feel-good, Great Society legislation has been proven to be detrimental to the black communities. Therefore, why would the black community continually buy the Democrats’ jive and hustle? It seems given the past, this would not be a plausible option. Many hold much animosity and resentment towards the history of slavery that occurred over a century and a half later, so why does this tenor not spill onto the Democrat party intent on keeping them enslaved?

The attached article addresses the troublesome history in United States’ race relations, including the fact that many whom are perceived as proponents of Civil Rights, were in fact the very ones voting against it!

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