America’s Illegal Problem

You can’t say illegal aliens are law-abiding citizens. The term just doesn’t even make sense. If they were law-abiding, then they’d be here legally. Once again, the Democrat ideology has serious flaws – one being a lack of common sense and logical thought process.

Over this week in Austin, Donald Trump had a townhall meeting yesterday with Sean Hannity and discussed his immigration policy in depth. He took some polls of his own and found that few wanted everyone to be sent back that entered or outstayed their VISAs illegally. Most wanted to work with the illegals to give them a path to citizenship. However, do they deserve this path if they’ve been breaking our laws for many years by being here illegally?

The fact is should their families be broken up due to deportation, whose fault is it really?

It seems by virtue of them being here for decades illegally, the fault really falls to the past president administrations. Why? Because the illegals were allowed to remain in this country. This has absolutely nothing to do with Trump or his policy. He is merely enforcing our laws – our US Constitution. The real blame falls squarely on Bill Clinton, George H. Bush and Barak Obama’s shoulders – not Trump.

Democrats and media alike argue this is a daunting, unfathomable task to make illegals leave – but is it? Yes, there’s 11M illegals in this country, but that number didn’t grow by sheer happenstance. It took many decades of administrations ‘turning the other way’ for it to get that way. It wasn’t like they all of the sudden, flooded in overnight. This has been a long process and it’s done many things to our society. In fact, several presidents before have done mass deportations of illegals but no one wants to talk about that inconvenient fact.

There are several reasons why illegal aliens are at this critical mass; however, here are just a few high points.

First, illegals working in industries have used other people’s social security numbers in order to work. This is problematic – not to mention identity theft – as the person who is victimized has been taxed on income they didn’t earn. Furthermore, as stated, their identity has been compromised. If you know anything about Identity Theft, it’s one crime that is least likely to be prosecuted and the victim has very little recourse.

This is something no Democrat or MSM outlet will relay about the illegal alien crisis. Why? Because it validates why our laws need to be enforced.

The Social Security Administration makes a citizen go through quite a bit to change their Social Security number. Its not an easy process and, in many cases, they refuse to issue new numbers to victims. In the off chance they do, the victim, not the perpetrator, has to go through their credit and education history and inform all entities the number has been changed and why. As many know, many corporations run background checks before you get hired. If you SSN doesn’t match up, that leaves victims without a way to find work.

Furthermore, if an person is not convicted of stealing the victim’s identity, a new SSN will not be issued under any circumstances. This is upsetting considering these cases are seldom followed-up on and when they are, nothing is usually done to the offender.

For example, I’ve heard of parents using their own children’s identity to get credit after they destroyed their own. The result was they got away with probation; however, the child is left with a bad credit history, which they don’t even find about sometimes until they’re in college applying for school loans.

Second, illegal aliens are a drain on our welfare system. There are many, many videos on YouTube outlining how illegal welfare recipients get around 33% of our welfare payouts every year. So, let me get this straight, we work so they don’t have to – basically, they’re squatting in our country without even so much as paying for their own upkeep and well being.

This costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year, yet politicians like Hillary Clinton feel this should be perfectly acceptable to Americans because, after all, we’re just one big Melting Pot. There’s no disputing America is a conglomeration of people from all other countries; however, Democrats like to leave history out of the equation.

Historically, like back in the turn of the century, when people immigrated to the country through Ellis Island, they didn’t collect welfare because it didn’t exist then. However, through that period, immigrants came to America got jobs, open businesses and made viable contributions to our society both economically and culturally. By developing enclaves of micro societies within the larger whole. Hence, they bestowed a great legacy to our communities by adding more colors to the tapestry that culminates into our culture. They weren’t here looking for freebies. It’s really that simple.

Therefore, the big Melting Pot contained people who had a desire for the American Dream – not the American Welfare Plantation. There’s a huge difference, but once again, Democrat thinking is seldom right thinking.

Third, American Elections are for American Citizens. This is a no brainer, yet, the Left loves to tout they want illegals to vote. Jerry Brown in California created a pathway to illegal voters when he gave them drivers licenses. On the drivers licenses form, all one has to do is check yes to register to vote. Hence, the Board of Elections, not being able to distinguish a potential voter’s citizenship, is automatically registered to vote. It clearly states in the Constitution that only American citizens have that privilege. Not even green card holders can vote in our elections.

The Liberals see illegals as easy prey – promising all kinds of give-mes and amnesty to vote for them, yet when all is said and done, the illegals are soon forgotten after Election Day. This Liberal reality has been a long-standing tradition but illegals never catch on, they’re pawns just like every other demographic in America when it comes to Democrat politicians – as well as the Establishment Republicans looking to institute globalization in America.

Fourth, jobs and wages are hurt by illegals because they’re willing to work for any price. This is the chief reason why the GOPe and the Chamber of Commerce loves illegals in America. They provide cheap labor to businesses, but is this fair to the American worker? No. In fact, it’s been proven through our current economic situation, this is gravely detrimental to American workers in every way. It’s caused a lot of citizens to be unable to obtain gainful employment in both the short and long runs.

Lastly because the likes of George Soros and his billionaire cronies wants mass immigration in America – even of illegal means – is enough of a reason why we shouldn’t forward this bad trend. A globalist bent on this mass invasion of our country is simply unacceptable.

In the end, amnesty is not a plausible answer because it does it encourage more illegal aliens to flood our country. It rewards lawbreakers at our expense. As taxpayers, it’s time we start demanding sound financial practices rather than allowing this continual complicit behavior at all levels within our governments – both federal, state and local.

Illegal aliens have not entered nor lived in our society without the rest of the citizens suffering major repercussions. We’ve all been adversely affected by their presence, yet, many Liberals claim that Trump is a racist for wanting to enforce the law and Constitution. Somehow, I find it hard that others do not see something wrong with this picture.

This demonetization of Trump’s difficult decisions even falls to political pundits like Charles Krauthammer, whom accuses him of vacillation on the matter but it’s a tough call and not one many would want to encounter but something has to be done. I seriously doubt Mr. Krauthammer would like to be given this issue to solve. (It’s easy to talk a big game on television, but another altogether to face and solve the actually issues.)

The fact is, Trump is not to blame for the tough job of deporting illegal aliens as he wouldn’t have such a task if previous presidents had done their jobs and upheld our Constitution in the first place!

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