American Pravda: Mainstream Media’s Efforts To Control Your Mind

As many know, Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary last night in a landslide victory (36%) and while his victory speech was eloquent and on point, the immature left winged American propaganda machine decided to disgrace themselves with vulgar displays of sour grapes.

Back in the day, the journalism field was a reputable career path for many. People like Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and Walter Cronkite were heroes. They told the truth as they investigated the happenings in DC and beyond. It has been said Cronkite was the most trusted man in America during his news anchor days at CBS Evening News. The public came to respect them through their news prowess and dedication to reporting with a sense of professionalism and integrity above the fray in bar rooms throughout the country. As outsiders, we could only imagine their newsrooms as a place where people had a sense of the responsibility to be honest, truth, unbiased and balanced. They were our touchstones in times like the Vietnam War and Watergate.

Their cover this morning calls New Hampshire Conservatives and Independents voting for Trump as “Racist, Sexist Xenophobic.” Such big words for people who are nothing more than playground bullies, attempting to bully future voters into not voting for someone who is popular throughout the United States.

This time of revelry may be a punchline in the newsroom, but when put on the cover, it negates Huffington‘s stature with the public as well as proves their incredulous nefarious behavior towards a potential president. Not only does it project a serious lack of professionalism,it exemplifies their dereliction of duty to their readership to provide news without their personal political opinions. It is proof and point, their Editors and Publisher clearly lacks any sensibility or connection with their readers. Because, last night, voters were sending Washington a pointed report card stating they have grossly failed to deliver to Americans time and again – thus, the ‘masses’ as a place like Huffington would refer to the people, (code for stupid morons) have a sense of discontent. The public’s growing intolerance for career politicians and empty promises is coming to a fateful end.

Another culprit in this campaign to smear and degrade Trump voters is from the New York Daily News. For those not familiar, it was a reputable paper once upon a time – giving New Yorkers alternatives to the New York Times. While they’ve never been particularly savvy, they have always been seen as the most courageous kids on the block. This time, they may have gone way too far as Trump is a very popular and influential New Yorker. One, they have no doubt pandered to on several occasions. Yet, their cover this morning claims New Hampshire voters were “Brain Dead” and referred to Trump as a “Clown” and his base, Mindless Zombies.”

Considering many New Yorkers come from New England states like New Hampshire, this will surely alienate some of their readership. Even famed old school news journalist, Bernie Goldberg stated on the O’Reilly Factor last night, these covers were so grotesque and better for the Editorial Page rather than the front cover. He went on to elaborate that it sickened him how much the news media has downward spiraled since his days at CBS.

Goldberg further revealed the paper is in serious financial trouble and its owner, Mortimer Zuckerman, has been unsuccessful in dumping the liability. With covers like the one, he might not flounder too much longer as readership could potentially die out.

The worst of the worst offenders this season has been Fox News — cable news conglomerate owned by billionaire Australian, Rupert Murdoch and run by Roger Ailes.

Since it’s inception, Fox has claimed their news coverage was unbiased, challenging their contenders like CNN. Using the “Fair and Balanced” moniker, they have brought fame to conservatives like Sean Hannity and conservative moderates like Bill O’Reilly, by placing them in prime time, garnering the network the highest ratings for programming off the major networks. Their commentaries usually contain a balance of both liberal and conservative talking heads to further their appeal to a viewership that comes from both sides.

However, during this primary season, they have removed their public facade and exposed their biased stance against Trump. This revelation has not been a mystery for some but many of Fox’s loyal viewers it has been shocking. Now, these viewers are  complaining and turning off the channel due to their brazen support for their news [sic] anchor Megyn Kelly. The polarizing figure has minced no words about her utter disdain for Trump when she moderated the first debate back in August 2015 as well as the huge shake-up where he skipped the January debate right before Iowa.

During last night’s live coverage of the NH primary, Kelly made no attempt to disguise her disappointment of Trump’s win. Her absent professionalism has finally succeeded in demonstrating her complete lack of journalist integrity and competence. Even during interviews, she repeatedly asked professional political pundits about their take on Trump’s rally speech where he repeated an audience member’s assessment of Cruz. It was clear from her face and demeanor, she was unhappy with the primary results and chose to highlight all the other candidates instead of placing any credence on Trump’s victory.

Now under normal circumstances, had this been say, Barbara Walters, being offended by colorful language would have credibility; however, from Megyn Kelly? Really? The same news anchor who strutted her barely clad body in a sex pot photo layout for Gentleman’s Quarterly?  The one who was forced to forfeit her affair with a notable co-worker after being promised her own show by Murdoch? Hardly a news anchor of any journalist integrity, Kelly has great gumption to weigh in on (or be offended by) sexist remarks and feign offense for cursing considering her own questionable, public choices. Therefore, her despondence has not only rendered her a hypocrite, it has further galvanized her irrelevance in the serious news journalism field and the public eye.

With more blogs and smaller news outlets from all around the world, available at with one Google search, it is easier than ever for people to get their news from sources other than American print and cable news outlets. All the above are classic examples of the Drive-By news media that has not only lost any sense of taste but with reality. If anything, this election cycle may produce unpredictable results due to the propagandize news reporting as much as the candidate themselves.

As seen over the last few months, whenever media or other candidates have gone after Trump, it’s only served to expand of his voting base. Frankly, and I don’t think I speak alone here, we’re all tired of the liberal influence permeating our lives, attempting to make our decisions for us through bullying and school yard nay-saying. Viewers/readers are not going to tolerate this blatant attempt to poison the well for any candidate – especially one as popular as Trump. Therefore, they could be spelling an end to their very existence as they have clearly diminished their relevance and credibility.

Their disconnect and truculent  behaviors are staggering to witness and puts them in the same group with Maury Povich and Jerry Springer rather than credible professionals of Walter Cronkite and Mike Wallace’s caliber. Clearly, the neo-MSM has gone ego-centric; a recipe that always spells unmitigated disaster.

So much for unbiased reporting — it’s clearly a bygone era.

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