Amazon’s Big Win Turns South!

It’s always been a mystery why Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, has been adamantly against President Trump. We’ve seen this contempt with Bezos’s weaponizing the Washington Post to vilify, smear and demonize the President and his people at every turn. During the election, it was found 30 new journalists were hired and tasked with the sole purpose to dig up anything and everything to make the then-candidate appear immoral and corrupt.

These illogical and quite biased machinations  seemed irrational given Trump’s win paves the way for other CEOs like him to follow suit in future elections. Therefore, it seemed like Bezos was turning on someone without any legitimate beef or merit for his cause – except for the fact many CEOs don’t like other CEOs looking into their books!

A tumultuous week…

This week has had a couple hits to Amazon in spite of the record-breaking holiday spending spree which has no doubt, given the retail giant a big end hit for their annual report numbers.

Earlier in the week, a Zerohedge revealed that several Amazon directors (reported 18) were arrested for human trafficking rink criminal charges.

A morning Tweet can change all perspective…

In a stunning admission Tweet this morning, President Trump exposed Amazon’s Sweetheart Deal with the United States Postal Service, where the agency gives deep shipping discounts to the online retailer. This deal has cost the American taxpayer billions, while bankrupting the USPS in the process.

Could this be what Bezos is trying so hard to impugn Trump’s character – and his words? After all, this sweetheart deal has also paved the way for him to become one of the richest men in the world. Had he paid the shipping costs most other retailers had to pay, would he have amassed such a fortune in recent years?

You have to remember, Amazon – in historic perspective – is not an old company. Forming in July of 1994, it has grown to become a very influential corporation much quicker than other corporations in American History. Furthermore, cities are now offering the retailer many sweetheart deals on the hopes of wooing their projected new East Coast Headquarters to their area.

Undeniably, Amazon’s success has sped up in recent years as more people looked to online shopping for convenience, pricing and, in most cases, free shipping and no taxes. Therefore, what started out as a contender in the book selling market, has blossomed as people now buy anything and everything on Amazon. From music to food, they are now in areas the 1994-version of Amazon probably never dreamed of being a part of.

How many yachts can you surf behind, Gordon? — Bud Fox from Wall Street

Yes, it seems Bezos has enjoyed a rather lucrative endeavor which is only compounded with such a deal for shipping. Hence, one has to wonder, is this the real reason why Bezos has been fighting Trump tooth and nail?

After all, if you look at the economy and consumerism now, Amazon has made out quite handsomely from people having more disposable income and confidence to buy more goods. However, the Washington Post is still engaging in their fake news and painting the President as some kind of malcontent malignant in our society to be squashed.

As we’ve now seen, much of the Fake News is being challenged everyday through the diligence of patriots looking to straighten out and correct information forwarded by our illustrious fake news media groups.

Where does this impact you?

Therefore, I task you, the readers, to discern where the real Bezos angst lies – as many CEOs have openly opposed the President. Just how many of these sweetheart deals are out there – and why are they (the corporations) engaging in unfair trade practices which have continued to stamp out smaller retailers. After all, folks, as taxpayers, you’re actually footing this bill for them to get richer and richer while the mom & pop stores continue to go bankrupt. This is not a free market society but one that contains several monopolies and oligopolies which hurt free markets rather than encourage them. This is nothing short of crony capitalism!

It is a practice that many antitrust laws were created to quash, yet we still have them in our modern world; probably now more than ever in our long economic/business history.

Another question raised…

The Democrats have been touting their party line that the President is only protecting the billionaire class and seeking to make them rich. This is something everyone from Elizabeth Warren to Bernie Sanders has tried to beat into people’s minds since the beginning of Trump’s presidential campaign last year.

If they’re right, and he’s so galvanized to the ‘rich’ class, why is he exposing Bezos’s backroom deals with our government entities?

In truth, if the President were really on the make for his Billionaires’ Club buddies, he would simply stand mute on sweetheart deals, take Amazon’s hush money and let this waste and fraud continue unfettered and unexposed.

Hence, the President seems to have exposed the Liberal’s fake narrative, yet once again! One would think they would quit concocting nonsense but this will never happen. However, it’s up to you whether or not its believed.

As you can see the week’s events have usurped Amazon’s big win during the Christmas retailing days, and it leaves some speculation of what will be revealed in the coming year by the Trump Administration. As the President’s tweet indicated, there are many others who enjoy this deal with the USPS so it’s not just a speculative thought but one of anticipation more will be exposed and dealt with in the coming months.

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